How To Make STC Messages In English?

If you’re using an STC SIM, you may receive messages in the Arabic language. In order to make STC messages in English, simply type “1390” in the message option and send them to 900. As soon as you will received a message in English. However, if your previous language is English, it will be changed to Arabic.

How to change *888# STC English?

STC *888# is a USSD code to check the best STC internet packages and local and international offers. In order to change *888# STC English language you need to send an SMS “1390” to 900 or contact STC customer service for help. 

However, the short code *888# STC not working, it’s not for a language. The STC *888# working, you need to follow the below instructions:

How To Change STC SIM Language To English?

The easiest way to change STC SIM language from Arabic to English is by sending an SMS.

  • Type in your Message option “1390”
  • Send to “900”

As soon as your STC SIM contact language will be changed from Arabic to English or English to Arabic.

However, you can change your STC SIM language through the STC app or call STC support at 900.

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