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One of the most useful service codes that STC offers is the ability to check your SIM balance, offers, and internet packages using a short code. This is extremely helpful for those who are looking for new STC offers or cheap STC internet packages.

However, some STC SIMs don’t have an offer. In this case, you can try different codes from the below list. Also, be sure to register for the STC app which is easy to access and will allow you to check your STC balance, new offers, and subscription details.

How to recharge STC SIM?

The SAWA subscribers can top up their SIM balance in various ways such as by dialing a USSD code and Voucher Number, calling, Online banking, and ATM. Check below the different methods:

Method# 1: Dialing an STC short Code

Have you ever been in a situation where your phone is about to die and you desperately need to make a call? 

Well, if you have an STC sim, you can easily recharge it by dialing a code. To recharge your STC sim, simply dial *155*Voucher Number#. This is a quick and easy method that will save you a lot of hassle.

Method# 2: Recharge SAWA by Sending an SMS

You can recharge your SAWA by sending an SMS to 900. To recharge your STC SAWA, type on your message option *155*voucher number# and send to 900.

Method# 3: MySTC App

Also, you can recharge your STC SIM with the MySTC app. If you’re using an android or iOS phone, install the MyStc app and register through your STC number. Now, open the STC app and click the “recharge” button from the top options.  

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Now Select:

  • Use SAWA card: Enter manually voucher number.
  • Pay with card: Select the amount you need and follow the next instruction.

Method# 4: Recharge SAWA by Online banking and ATM machine.

The service is available in Saudi Arabia and is provided by the Saudi Telecommunications Company (STC). Sawa customers can recharge their accounts using online banking or ATM machines.

To recharge your Sawa account using online banking, you will need to have an account with STC. Once you have registered for online banking, you can log in and select the ‘prepaid services’ option. From here, you can choose to recharge your Sawa account. You will need to enter your Sawa account number and the amount you wish to recharge. Once you have confirmed the payment, the funds will be transferred to your Sawa account and you will be able to make calls immediately.

If you do not have an online banking account with STC, you can still recharge your Sawa account using an ATM machine. To do this, you will need to insert your ATM card into the machine and select the ‘prepaid services’ option. Again, you will need to enter your Sawa account number and the amount you wish to recharge. The funds will be transferred to your Sawa account and you will be able to make calls immediately.

How to check STC SIM Balance?

The quick and easy way to check your STC sim balance by dialing a USSD code is *166#. However, STC provides various options to check your STC sim balance such as dialing the number 1500 or calling STC customer care at 900

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How to check your own STC number?

If you forget your STC sim number, you can get your own STC number by dialing a short code *150#

How to Change STC SIM language?

If you want to change the language of your STC SIM, you can do it by sending an SMS or by calling the STC customer care number at 900. To change the language, simply type STC language change code “1390” on your message option and send it to 900.

Now, if your current language is Arabic, it will be changed to English and if your current language is English, it will be changed to Arabic.

However, you can change your STC SIM language from the MySTC app.

How to check SAWA Internet Packages?

If you’re a subscriber of STC, you might be looking for ways to save on your money. After all, STC’s internet services can be quite costly compared to those of other providers in Saudi Arabia.

Fortunately, there is a way to get a cheaper STC internet plan than what is offered by other operators. By using an STC offer code, you can get a discount on the STC internet packages.

So, if you’re looking to save money on your STC internet subscription, be sure to take advantage of this offer code. You might be surprised at how much you can save each month.

The STC internet offer code is:

  • STC Internet USSD Code: *888#
  • Check Internet balance USSD Code: *888*5#
  • To Know STC Internet packages: Send 2999 to 900
  • Inquire About your Internet Packages: Send 8888 to 900
  • Most Useful Sawa Internet Packages: Send 8000 to 900
  • Sawa Daily Internet Packages: Send 8100 to 900
  • Sawa Call Packages: Send 8400 to 900
  • International Minutes Packages: Send 8200 to 900
  • To Know Current Package: Send 2220 to 900
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How to Redeem Qitaf Points In STC?

Before redeeming qitaf points you must register qitaf points in STC to get points for each recharge. To register a qitaf point by sending an SMS “201 to 900”

Moreover, From the qitaf points, you can get Minutes and SMS, International Calls, International SMS, Internet, and Recharge balance.

  • To know the list of qitaf redeemable rewards: Send 1919 to 900
  • 50 points for 5 SR: Send 791 to 900 
  • 100 points for 10 SR: Send 792 to 900
  • 300 points for 30 SR: Send 793 to 900
  • 500 points for 50 SR: Send 794 to 900

Note: To redeem points in STC you must have enough balance of your Qitaf point.

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