The List of STC Service Codes 2022

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Well, STC provides service activation codes for their customers. This is easy to activate or see their available service in detail. Here’s some useful STC service code for prepaid and postpaid customers.

STC Most Useful Codes

Service NameActivation Code
STC Customer Care Number:900
STC Balance Inquiries: *166#
Check Balance By Dialing a Number:1500
Know STC SIM Number:*150#
STC Recharge Code:*155*Voucher Number# 
STC Recharge By Dialing a Number:1500
Check STC Internet Balance:*888*5#
Check STC Data Balance By Sending an SMSSend 2220 to 900
STC Call me Back:*177* Mobile Number #
STC Language Change: Send 1390 to 900

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Basic Services STC Customer Care Number of 900

ServiceActivation code
Know Useful Services Codes:Send 1 to 900
To Know Your All Mobile Numbers:Send 9988 to 900
Check Your Mobile Status:Send 9977 to 900
Current Activate Services:Send 9911 to 900
Check Your Billing Details:Send 1111 to 900
Check Unbilled Amount:Send 1110 to 900
Block STC Bill Informations:Send 1540 to 900
To Print Your STC Bill:Send 1560 to 900
Add Your Mobile Number To The Phonebook:Send 1530 to 900
To Deactivate STC Services:Send 9922 to 900

Mofawtar Plans And Activation Codes

Plan NameActivation code
Mofawtar Basic Plan :Send 4091 To 900
Mofawtar 2:Send 4092 To 900
Mofawtar 3:Send 4093 To 900
Mofawtar 4:Send 4094 To 900
Mofawtar 5:Send 4095 To 900

SAWA Packages

Package NameActivation code
SAWA DAILY:Send 8111 To 900
SAWA LIKE:Send 7065 To 900
SAWA SHARE:Send 7110 To 900
SAWA POST:Send 7160 To 900
SAWA STAR:Send 7220 To 900

STC Saving Keys

ServiceActivation code
SMS Key:Send 4211 To 900
International Key:Send 4221 To 900
Talk Time Key:Send 4231 To 900

STC Mobile Service Codes

Service NameActivation codeDeactivation code
STC International Calls:Send 1800 To 900Send 1801 To 900
STC International Roaming:Send 1400 To 900Send 1401 To 900
Conference calling:Send 1600 To 900Send 1601 To 900
STC Friends & Family Service:Send 6116 To 900Send 6117 To 900
ALJAWAL control:Send 8881 To 900Send 8882 To 900
To Call The 700 Landlines:Send 1700 To 900Send 1701 To 900
STC Mawjood Extra Service:Send 1520 To 900Send 1521 To 900
STC 3G configuration:Send 9966 To 900N/A

STC QUICKnet Internet Packages for Prepaid and Postpaid SIM

Packages NamePrepaidPostpaid
3 GB Data Packages:Send 2151 To 900Send 2213 To 900
22 GB Data Packages:Send 2152 To 900N/A
55 GB Data Packages:Send 2153 To 900N/A
330 GB Data Packages:Send 2154 To 900N/A
1100 GB Data Packages:Send 2155 To 900N/A
1 GB Data Packages:N/ASend 2212 To 900
6 GB Data Packages:N/ASend 2214 To 900

STC QUICKnet Jawal Packages For Prepaid and Postpaid SIM

Packages NamePrepaidPostpaid
Easynet:Send 2000 To 9002000 To 900
30MB:Send 2102 To 9002202 To 900
120MB:Send 2103 To 9002203 To 900
250MB:Send 2104 To 9002204 To 900
500MB:Send 2105 To 9002205 To 900
2GB:Send 2111 To 9002211 To 900
5GB:Send 2115 To 9002215 To 900
Check JawalNet Settings:N/ASend an SMS “jawalnet” to 2222
Check Internet Usage Balance:N/ASend 2220 To 900

STC Roaming Internet Service Codes for Prepaid and Postpaid SIM

Service NamePrepaidPostpaid
Daily STC Roaming Internet Service Code:Send 6401 To 900Send 6401 To 900
Weekly STC Roaming Internet Service Code:Send 6402 To 900Send 6402 To 900
Monthly STC Roaming Internet Service Code:Send 6403 To 900Send 6403 To 900

STC Qitaf Point Service Codes

Service NameActivation code
Subscribe to STC Qitaf Point by Sending a Code:Send 201 To 900
STC Qitaf Balance Inquiries:Send 202 To 900
To Redeem Qitaf Points:Send 1919 To 900
STC Qitaf Points Transfer:Send 1870 To 900


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