What is an IQAMA Renewal Fees 2022 and Procedure?

Are you looking at IQAMA renewal fees 2022? As an expat working in a Gulf country, it’s important to understand the rules and regulations related to residence permits. In Saudi Arabia, for example, you can only live in the country if you have an IQAMA (إقامة) residence permit. This permit has an expiry date, and if it expires, you may be in trouble. Make sure you understand the rules and regulations related to residence permits in your country of employment and renew your permit as needed.

It is important to check the Iqama Expiry Date to make sure you are aware of when it will expire. We have a complete guide for this. follow the steps guide.

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What is an IQAMA? 

An IQAMA is a residency permit in Saudi Arabia. It is a document that proves your legal status in the country. The IQAMA is valid for one year, and you need to renew it by paying a stay fee every year. The Saudi government gives you three days to renew your IQAMA to avoid fines and penalties. And if you fail to renew your IQAMA late, you could face heavy penalties.

How to Pay Iqama Renewal Fees?

  • You can access your bank account or SADAD services through the phone application. The phone application is secure and easy to use.
  • To Select payment methods click 3 dashes from top right side of your application 
  • Select Allien Control or Click “Biller,”  and write “Allien control
  • Select Expatriates Service or Click “Services,” and type “EXPATRIATES SERVICE
  • Now choose further “RENEW IQAMA” then type your 10 digit “IQAMA NUMBER” and then add “IQAMA PERIOD”.
  • After selecting the required service, you have to click on “PAYMENT” to pay the fees
  • It is important to pay the service fees so click on “PAYMENT” to see the iqama renewal fee 2022 and to pay the required fees. 
  • Now that your IQAMA renewal fees are paid, you can check your submission information. You can find this information on the Jawazat website. First, you will need to enter your last name and your ID number. The website will then give you information about your application. The website will also tell you the status of your application.
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How to Check Iqama Funds Online? Procedure as follows: 

If you have an IQAMA, your renewal fees must be submitted before the expiration date on your IQAMA. To check whether your IQAMA renewal fees are submitted or not, you have to do each step below carefully:

  • Open ABSHER through your browser.
  • Login ABSHER account through your Iqama Number/Username and Password. 
  • Change  preferred language and continue.
  • Below on the right side of  “TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS INFORMATION” you can see “PUBLIC QUERY AVAILABLE FUNDS”.
  • Click on “PUBLIC QUERY AVAILABLE FUNDS” and then type your Iqama number and captcha code to continue.

To see the IQAMA renewal fees, type your IQAMA number. A new tab is open with the required information. Here, if you see 650 SAR deposited under your Passport, then it means your IQAMA renewal fees get paid.

How to Submit Required Documents To Sponsor?

If you are looking to renew your dependent’s IQAMA, you will need to provide the following:

  1. A copy of your old IQAMA 
  2. A copy of your passport 
  3. The original passport 
  4. Photos passport-sized 
  5. The fees slip for DEPENDENT 
  6. The fees slip for MAKTAB-E-AMAL 
  7. A copy of the dependent’s IQAMA 
  8. A copy of the passport of the dependent
  9. Photos passport-sized

Iqama Renewal fees 2022

If you are working in KSA and want to know how much it will cost for your Iqama renewal fee, this is the right place. The price will depend on your company or organization’s number of Saudi employees.

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The following fee will be charged if you have fewer than 50% Saudi nationals on your staff.

  • Iqama Renewal Fees: 650.00 SAR
  • Work Permit Fees: 8,400.00 SAR
  • Insurance: 500.00 SAR
  • Total Amount of Fees: 9,550.00 SAR
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Note: Renewing your IQAMA is an important step in maintaining your legal status in Saudi Arabia. If you do not renew your IQAMA, you will face fines and penalties. We will discuss this topic later.


If you are an employer with more than 50 Saudi nationals as your employees, you will be required to pay the following fees for Iqama renewals: 

  • Iqama Renewal Fees: 650.00 SAR 
  • Work Permit Fees: 9,600.00 SAR 
  • Insurance: 500.00 SAR 
  • Total Amount of Fees: 10,800.00 SAR

Note: Saudi Arabia is an open country that welcomes people of all nationalities. It has many job opportunities for expats, and obtaining a visa and working in Saudi Arabia is relatively straightforward. However, some important things to keep in mind before you make a move, such as the IQAMA renewal process.

Fines and Penalties After Expired IQAMA in 2022:

Many expats in Saudi Arabia choose to renew their IQAMA before their stay is up to avoid any fines or penalties. The legal status of an IQAMA is only one year, so it’s important to renew it by paying a stay fee every year. The Saudi government gives you three days to renew your IQAMA to avoid any fines or penalties. But if you fail or forget to renew your IQAMA late, you could face heavy penalties.

According to the IQAMA law, the IQAMA expiry penalty depends on how late you are. If your IQAMA expires or is terminated, you’re unable to make a new agreement. In this case, the Saudi Police may pick and fine you or send you to your country. The fine is called in Arabic” بخير.”

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