How many sim on iqama in Saudi Arabia

How many sim on iqama

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Saudi Arabia is a country with more than 33 million people who have a job and many of them are expatriates who get their residence in Saudi through iqama. And for those who work in Saudi to use mobile service must hold an active sim on the name of his iqama. Today we will how many sims are on iqama in Saudi Arabia.

Check now How Many Sims registration on your Iqama

Now you can know how many sims are registered on your iqama through CITC. To check how many sim on iqama, visit:

How many sim on iqama

Once you visit the CITC site, you can change the language from Arabic to English. And you need to enter your iqama number, Mobile Number and Birthday, make sure to fill in the insert symbol and click the search option.

You can skip entering your mobile number, but you must enter your iqama number. If the result shows one sim registered to your iqama, then you have only one sim registered.

This service is available for all mobile operators in Saudia Arabia which means that if you have any sim card in your name it will tell you how many sims are registered under your Iqama.

How to cancel a number not your’s

  • If you found any number which is not your’s but registered in your name, then you can compline to the service provider about it. Also, you can visit the nearest STC, Mobily, Zain or Friendi office or branch office to ask about the process of canceling or removing sims from your iqama.
  • Without visiting a branch you can call their customer care number as given below: “It’s free of cost”
  1. STC# 900
  2. Zain# 959
  3. Mobily# 1100
  4. Friendi# 166000
  5. Virgin# 1789
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Now you can check how many sims are on your iqama. And if any number is registered in your name which is not yours, then you can cancel it by following the procedure mentioned. This service is available for all mobile operators in Saudi Arabia. If you have any other query please share them through the comment section below.

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