How to Change Mobily SIM Language To English By Dialing a Code?

Do you want to know how to change Mobily sim language to English? There are a lot of people who come from other countries and speak a different language. Somehow, with the incoming SMS or text of Mobily SIM language, it’s difficult for them to communicate with others even if they don’t speak Arabic.

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This article will help you to change your Mobily SIM language from Arabic to English in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It’s very simple. Let’s get started…  

Change Mobily SIM Language to English

In order to change your Mobily SIM language from Arabic to English, you can dial the following codes: *1100# Now enter “5” tap the send button, enter “3” tap send button, then “1” tap send button then again “1” and tap send button. After dialing this code into your phone, as soon as it is changed from Arabic to English. You can now enjoy all features of your SIM card in English!

For Example:

-Dial *1100#

-Send 5

-Send 3

-Then Send 1

-Again Send 1

Note: If you don’t find options 5, 3, and 1 you can select the # key to find the more option or check the image below step by step guides.

In case, you need your Mobily SIM language in Arabic, then by the same procedure, you can change Mobily SIM language to Arabic.

How to Change Mobily SIM Language? Video Guides

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