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Iqama Red Green Check

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MOI GOV SA Iqama Status Red Green

Do you want to know how to check Iqama’s status? In this post, I will explore the Iqama Red Green Check status. In the Nitaqat status find your company or employees iqama red, green, and yellow in detail. Visit the Saudi Ministry of Labor official website through you Kafeel

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How to Check Iqama Red, Green, and Yellow Status)

To check the Nitaqat status of your company, go to this website: Click Here

  1. Type Border Number. 2) Iqama Number. And 3) Passport Number.

Iqama Green Status: See the below image of your kafeel of green average in the category of Nitaqat.

Iqama Red Status: Look at the below image of the category of your kafeel.

There are four different colors for the iqama status. If it shows the color as مستبعد, then that means that employers do not have to register with the Ministry of Labor, and it is equivalent to a green status. However, you cannot check this for domestic workers and dependents because they are not registered with the Ministry of Labor.

What is the meaning of Iqama Red Green Check/Nitaqat?

Saudi Arabia passed a law called “Nitaqat” in 2011. The law’s purpose is to give Saudi Nationals jobs instead of foreigners.

  • A company in Green means that it has a high percentage of employees who are Saudi.
  • There are different requirements for Saudization in different industries.
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The Mean of Green Category

  • Visa processing will be better for people from other countries. They won’t have to wait as long.
  • If someone from the Red category wants to change their status, a person from the Green category can sponsor them without asking for permission.
  • Companies can change what jobs their employees do. 
  • Companies can renew the Iqama of their employees 3 months before it is set to expire.

The Mean of Yellow Category

The Ministry of Labor issued an order to stop the “Yellow” category of the Nitaqat program. All entities that were in the “Yellow” category have moved to the “Red” category on Jan 26, 2020.

The Mean of Red Category

If your employer is in the red category of Nitaqat, that means that they are not able to sponsor you for residency.

In Saudi Arabia, foreigners cannot get visas. They cannot transfer sponsorship from other sponsors. When their employees want to go work at companies with Green status, they cannot stop them. They also can’t renew the iqamas of their employees or change their profession, and they can’t open new branches.

مستبعد = Excluded

If your employer is in the “مستبعد or excluded” category of Nitaqat, then it means that you are exempt from doing this: 

  • If you have less than 6 employees, Nitaqat requirements do not apply to you. Consider this the “Green” category.
  • The employer has less than 6 employees that he can register. He doesn’t have to follow the Nitaqat requirements. That means this category is equivalent to the “Green” category.
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Iqama Status Red in the Saudi Ministry of Labor 

A lot of people search the website for their iqama status (red/green). But you cannot find it on this website, only at the Ministry of Labor’s website.

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