How to recharge STC card in KSA: 12 different methods

How to recharge STC card

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In this article, there is a list of more than 12 different ways to recharge your STC prepaid card without going anywhere. All you need to follow is to recharge the card by using these methods given in this article.

This list will be helpful for all those people who want to use STC prepaid internet but don’t have a credit card. It can also be used by all those residents in KSA who can not go to any store and recharge their STC internet cards.

There are many other ways to use your already recharged STC card without going anywhere, but we will mention only 12 of them.

How to recharge STC card in KSA

1) Through Mystc website:

  • Sign-up by visiting the mystc website and insert Username and Password.
  • Choose the mobile number that you want to recharge from “Select Account”.
  • Click the Recharge available from the list and then choose the amount that you can pay and one of the following options:
  • Option A- Mada Card or Credit Cards: Tab your preferred card (Mada, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express), fill by Card status and confirm to Pay.
  • Option B- Recharge Card: Through Insert Recharge Code, and then complete the recharging process. As you do all of this, then your number will be recharged.

2) Recharging through mystc application:

  • First of all Download MyStc App from the play store or from “mystc” official website.
  • Sign-up MyStc and insert the username and password.
  • Choose the mobile number for recharging as given on the list of rechargeable numbers, now choose a paid option in card status, and make payment by any credit card (Mada, Visa, MasterCard, American Express) recharging will be done.
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3) Recharging through stc Self Service Machines:

  • You can visit one of STC’s Self Service Machines anywhere in the KSA. If you can’t find the self-service machines, then find the locations of Self Service Machines.
  • After visiting a Machine, Choose the Sawa Recharge voucher, then select the mobile number you will recharge.
  • Enter an ATM card or credit card to the self-service machine, then enter the PIN code and follow the instructions to complete the recharge process.

4) Recharging through SAWA Recharge cards or Recharge e-vouchers:

Choose one of the following methods to complete the top-up:

  • The easiest way to recharge STC is by dialing code *155*voucher number# the press the Call #. (example; *155*050XXXXXXX#
  • Send an SMS to 900 with Voucher number (space) 155
  • Call 1500, and choose recharge from the list, then insert the voucher number.
  • Visit the website sawa recharge page, insert the mobile number to be recharged, then the voucher number.

5) Recharging through another postpaid line (Recharge from Postpaid lines)

Select one of the following methods:

  • Send a message to 900 (from left to right) with Amount (space), then the mobile number (space) 144
  • Or via mystc.

6) Recharging through another prepaid sawa line (Top-up):

Select one of the following methods:

  • Send a message to 900 (from left to right) with Amount (space), then the mobile number (space) 133
  • Or via mystc.

7) Recharging through “Top me Up” Service :

Select one of the following methods: 

  • Send a message to 900 (from left to right) with Transfer amount (space) your calling number (space) 170
  • or via mystc.
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8) Recharging through Banks’ websites

Log in to your bank account through the Bank’s website.

  • Click (Payments or Billing Payment), then the services under your national ID will appear.
  • Select Recharge your sawa line or insert sawa service subscription number and activate it in your bank account.
  • Select your suitable payment method (Sadad Bills, Sadad Account, or Credit Cards), then complete the recharging process.

9) Recharging through Bank ATMs

  • Insert “Mada” ATM Card into your bank ATM and press PIN code.
  • Select Service Payment and then select stc.
  • Select prepaid, then insert your mobile number and recharge amount and complete the recharging process.

10) Recharging through Banks’ Service Numbers

  • Call your Bank Service Number from mobile or landline.
  • Listen to the automatic answer and insert the PIN code.
  • Select STC Mobile Recharge Service.
  • Listen and then insert a mobile number that needs to be recharged.
  • Listen and then insert a recharge amount.
  • Listen and then select a payment method through a bank account or credit card.
  • Listen and then complete the recharging process

11) Recharging through your bank application

  • Download your bank application on your mobile and complete the registration process.
  • Access the application by inserting the Username and Password.
  • Click service payment and select mobile recharge, then insert mobile number and National ID.
  • Select payment method through Sadad Bills, Credit Card or Sadad Account, then complete the recharging process.

12) Recharging through stc pay application

  • Download the STC pay App from the app store.
  • Login to STC pays by inserting your mobile number and Pin code.
  • Select STC Corner from the bottom menu.
  • Select Recharge sawa and enter the mobile number you want to recharge.
  • Select the amount that you want and pay from your digital wallet.
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I hope the above methods are helpful for those looking to recharge their STC card. If you know a better idea than the above methods, you can share them with us by commenting below. We will update the article as soon as possible.

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