How to Get GOSI Certificate in 2022? GOSI Salary

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Do you want to know how to get GOSI Certificate? Every NON-Saudi employee is expected to know his salary status, GOSI contract, and employment service history in KSA. Also, After Registration, you can print G.O.S.I salary status, service duration, Joining Date, etc.  #التأمينات الاجتماعية #التأمينات الاجتماعية

How to Get GOSI Certificate

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What Is GOSI? 

GOSI is a General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI). It was created to make sure that people get their social insurance benefits. The GOSI collects social insurance contributions from employers and pays the benefits for people that qualify.

GOSI is an independent organization. There are 8 people on the board of directors. The Minister of Finance, GOSI’s Governor, and three other people who work for ministries related to social development, finance, and the economy and planning look over GOSI. There is also a person who works with financial services and risks; another person who helps with mergers or institutional structure design; and one more person who is an expert in governance. GOSI works with 21 offices in different areas.

How to register for GOSI online?

There are many benefits of GOSI registration. For example, if you become disabled or die on the job, it will pay SR 330,000 to your family only if your employer is making contributions on time. So make sure to register at GOSI and track the contributions made by your employer.

Go to the website GOSI and click on as a Contributor And Register.

GOSI Register Link:

  1. Click As a Contributor for Regester
  2. Select Non-Saudi
  3. Enter Iqama Number
  4. Email Address
  5. Mobile Number
  6. Password 
  7. Confirm Password
  8. Fill Captcha Code
  9. Confirm Trams
  10. Click on Proceed

Now the system will send you a code on your phone. You need to type that code in on the next page to finish registering for GOSI.

NOTE: You must give the same mobile that you registered in ABSHER.

After Login Change Language Arabic to English

How to Print GOSI Certificate Online?

If you need a GOSI certificate such as a: 

  • Keep Record
  • Showing the labor office 

To print the GOSI salary certificate click on “Certificate & Letters” and download the certificate for print .

How to Check GOSI salary status?

To find the GOSI salary status click on “Contribution History” here you will see the basic salary, housing allowance, housing benefit, other allowance, joining date and company name.

How to Get GOSI Certificate? Video Guides

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