How to Check FRiENDi SIM Number in Saudi Arabia

Do you want to know how to check FRiENDi SIM number? If you are using a FRiENDi SIM card, you’re eligible to check your FRiENDi SIM number. However, In case you have forgotten your FRiENDi number, check through dialing a code is *110# 

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Check FRiENDi Services

Check FRiENDi services by dialing a code *100# and the service will be pop up on your mobile screen.

How to check FRiENDi number through dialing a code?

The easiest way to see your number dial a code *110# and you will be able to see your SIM number on your mobile screen.

However, the FRiENDi roaming between GCC countries in order to use a FRiENDi number, you can dial a code *135*00(country code) number# for example: *135*0092XXXXXXX# 

FRiENDi call me back service

If you’re out of balance, you will be able to call me back to your friends by dialing a code. Dial *104* after typing your friend number then submit, as soon as you will receive a call from your friend.

FRiENDi missed call Notification service

If you’re out of network, busy, or urgently calling someone, you can activate missed call Notification service by dialing a code. To active missed call Notification Dial a code: *132# 

How to request FRiENDi Advance Credit?

If you’re out of balance and you need to top-up an emergency by dialing a code *107# then pop up your mobile screen 1. request advance credit. Type “1” and send.

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