How Often Should You Clean Laptop Fans?

How Often Should You Clean Laptop Fans

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The exhaust fans in your laptop have only one purpose, cooling your laptop. Your laptop’s fans pull out all the hot air that produce inside the machine. This creative activity keeps your laptop components working the way they should be.  Read More: Computer Making Buzzing Noise When Playing Games.

But every once in a while, your laptop fans need to be cleaned too. So, how often should you clean laptop fans? Let’s find out below.

How Often Should You Clean Laptop Fans? : in Detail

To answer the following question, you should physically clean fans whenever you notice dust building up. But of course, we all know that much.  Read More: Computer Screen Goes Black But Can Still Hear Sound.

To discuss in detail, the frequency of physically cleaning your laptop fans depends on many factors. I’ll go over each of these factors below.

  • Environment condition: If your laptop is using in a condition that has a dusty atmosphere, then the laptop fans will be jammed with dust relatively earlier. For instance, if you are working in an outdoor environment, you’ll probably have to clean your laptop fan twice as frequently as you’d have to do if you were using it indoors.

In an outdoor context, you’ll have to clean laptop fans every 4 to 5 days. Delaying cleaning will only result in damage to your exhaust fans. Read More: How do I find the model number of my Asus laptop?

  • Holding vessel: If your laptop is always carrying in an enclosed bag, then the chances of dust entering into the exhaust fans are less. But if you don’t use a dedicated bag for your laptop, there are chances of unnecessary filths and dust entering the exhaust fans and resulting in a jam in fans.
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A person who always carries the laptop in a dedicated vessel has to clean the fans every 15 days.

  • The laptop’s age: No matter what condition you use the machine in, over many years of usage, It is bound to acquire a certain degree of dust. This phenomenon fills the inside portion of the processor fan too. This buildup of unnecessary filth is inevitable for everyone.

We recommend sending the laptop to customer care service for cleanup once every year.

What Happens if the Laptop Fans Are Dirty?: in Detail

You can face a bunch of problems if you have laptop fans jammed with dirt:

  • Excessive heat production: If the fans fille with dust, the hot air will not efficiently come out of the machine. It will cause internal heating in the laptop.
  • Slow performance: Excessive heat generation in the laptop’s internal parts will cause it to go into “thermal throttling.” As a result, the laptop will be unable to provide fast performance.
  • Hardware damage: Long exposure to high amounts of heat can cause various hardware damages inside the laptop. Peripheral hardware such as touchpad and keyboard might damage. Also, the laptop’s RAM can be negatively affected, and In the worst-case scenario, the laptop’s motherboard can be permanently dead.

However, routine maintenance and frequent cleanup of the laptop fans can prevent these malfunctions.

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