Computer Making Buzzing Noise When Playing Games: Best Solution

computer making buzzing noise when playing games

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A computer is a combination of various complex pieces of machinery. So if you hear a buzzing sound while playing games on your computer, this could be the result of multiple malfunctions in your computer from a wide range of components. How to determine which part of the PC is responsible for making a buzzing noise when playing games? Follow The below steps: 

1. Determine if the noise is from the speaker or not:  To decide if your speaker is the one making the sound or not, mute your computer and see if the sound stops.  Read More: Computer Screen Goes Black But Can Still Hear Sound.

If the sound hasn’t stopped, it’s likely coming from the CPU itself.

2. Check the parts of the CPU:

  • Checking the GPU: The source of a buzzing sound while gaming is most likely the sound of “coil whine”. What is it? It is the sound that your GPU makes under excessive load. If your GPU is pretty old, it is common to see your GPU coil whining and making a buzzing sound

If you can pinpoint the source of the sound from the GPU, try sending the GPU to the customer care service. If it’s an old GPU, consider replacing it. Read More: How do I find the model number of my Asus laptop?

  • Checking the computer casing: If you have a metal casing for your CPU, check if any wire inside the CPU has got short-circuited. Sometimes when one or more wires get short-circuited and touch the CPU metal body, a buzzing sound is made because of the “electric shock” in the casing.
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If you do see any torn-up wires, replace them immediately.

  • Checking the exhaust fans: There are multiple fans attached to your CPU ( heat sink): a few fans for the GPU, one for the processor, and another for the power supply’s cooling. If your fans are jam with filth or dust, they could cause the computer to make a buzzing noise when playing games. 

It is because while gaming, and an excessive load on the CPU, including the GPU. It requires the PC to cool off by running multiple fans. Any obstacle in the fan’s motion might cause a disturbing buzzing sound.

To solve this, try cleaning up the fans. You might have to replace a fan too if you see one is damaged.

  • Checking Hard drive: You can check the hard drives to make sure if this is the one making the sound or not. As hard drives are moving parts of the computer, they always make a minimal mechanical sound. Any malfunction in a hard drive can cause a buzzing sound while gaming too. 

If it’s indeed the case, there’s no other way but to change the hard drive. In most cases, hard drives make extra noise only when it’s completely damaged.

  • Checking the monitor: While it’s doubtful, the monitor can make a buzzing sound while gaming. Incorrectly connected power cable or HDMI cable on the monitor can be the cause of this problem. 

Try reconnecting all the cables to it. It will solve the buzzing sound problem.


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