Computer Screen Goes Black But Can Still Hear Sound

While gaming, it is pretty common to see the phenomenon when the computer screen goes black but can still hear its running sounds. If this happens to you too, we’ve got a few steps to check and find out the solution to this problem. See below: 

Computer Screen Goes Black But Can Still Hear Sound: Common Causes

The common cause of a computer screen going black can result from the GPU cards or monitor itself stopping to work. It can happen for a variety of reasons: 

  • Excessive temperature: When computers get extremely hot, GPUs have difficulty performing the way one would want it. To prevent itself from frying out by excessive heat, the GPU sometimes lowers its clock speed. 

But as a last resort to save your computer, the GPU executes a command that terminates the computer’s video driver instantly, so the load on the GPU is minimized immediately too. It can be the reason for your computer completely blacking out. Read More: How do I find the model number of my Asus laptop?

  • Incorrect cable management: If you don’t give much attention to cables, you might also have the monitor going black. Sometimes the monitor HDMI/VGA cable is not connected correctly. So, whenever you move the computer desk a little, your monitor connected to the CPU is disconnected, which causes the monitor to go black. 
  • Dust accumulation: If you are not cleaning a PC for the last few months, it might cause the PC to collect a lot of dust in connecting points of the cables. 
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Dust might have accumulated in the points where the monitor connects to the CPU and vice versa. 

  • Monitor power cut: If a monitor’s power cable is not tightly connected to the socket, slight movement in the power cable can cause that monitor to turn itself off. 

Steps To Solving The Problem

  • Reinstalling display drivers: The only solution is to reinstall all graphics and video drivers when the GPU has terminated the video driver. 

You can do this by navigating to the device manager of the computer. Or, if you are unable to do that (because the screen is black), try reinstalling WINDOWS. That would surely solve the problem.

  • Correction of cable management: Good cable management can be a solution to many problems. Use wire clippers to tie multiple cables in a single knot. This way, you’ll have better cable management, and they won’t get disconnected very easily.
  • Routine cleanup: Do a regular cleanup on your computer on a 15 days interval basis. Routinely cleaning and getting rid of the dust can render more speed in performance to PC and solve other problems in your computer.
  • Ensure a stable power connection: Connect the monitor to a sturdy socket on the wall instead of connecting it to a multiplug. 

Upon following the above steps correctly, you will probably not have to see your computer screen going black and still making a sound. But if this problem persists, consider taking it to a professional technician.

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