How to borrow load from STC Prepaid? Or 5 SAR Free load.

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If you’re an STC prepaid user and you are out of balance, in this case, we mostly use the Load feature from prepaid to Add it. Some people are unaware of another way of getting STC load and which method is better than another. To save time I am writing this guide. If you don’t know how to borrow load from STC prepaid, then follow the steps carefully.

You can always borrow 5.00 SAR from STC; you can use this in case of emergency to place a call or send a message.


How to borrow load from STC – Automatic

If you are out of credit on STC and need credit immediately i.e, you can use the Automatic Load method to get credit quickly.

For this, you will get a message from 808808 to your STC sim. Offering you to receive a Sawa advance credit of 5.00 SAR by replying with a code. Follow the below steps:

Steps-1: To Get an emergency STC balance use code “1” to borrow load from STC.

How to borrow load from STC

As soon as you receive a confirming message that you are borrowing STC load 5.00 SAR or Added 5:00 SAR to your STC main balance.

Step-2: You need to consume the 5:00 SAR within 24 hours. Because the borrowing procedure will expire automatically after 24 hours.

How to borrow load from STC

After recharge, The loan amount of 5.00 SAR will be deducted from your STC main balance. after you are eligible for receiving a new loan.

How to get STC advance balance- manually 

In case you didn’t receive a message from 808808 for advance balance, you can request a manual to get emergency advance balance as well. Follow the below steps:

Step-1: Type “1” on your Message option and send it to 808808.

Step-2: As soon as you will receive 5.00 SAR advance credit. 

NOTE: Make sure the amount of 5.00 SAR is consumed within 24 hours.

To get an emergency advance load, make sure your main balance is zero. Borrow load from STC prepaid for eligible customers. If you have any issues with borrowing loads, visit STC support.


This was our simple guide on how to borrow load from STC prepaid. I hope you are now able to get a credit limit of 5:00 SAR by following the above steps.

if any issues contact your operator and if you have some more questions about something, write it in the comments section. Stay tuned for more updates.

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