Saudi Arabia Postal Code Or Zip Code 2023

Saudi Arabia Postal Code or Saudi Arabia ZIP code

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Saudi Arabia zip code is a five-digit number assigned to each postal delivery area. If you’re ever sending a letter or package to someone in Saudi Arabia, make sure to include the postal code on the envelope or package. That way, it’ll get to the right place, and your loved one in Saudi Arabia will get your letter or package as quickly as possible.

We’ve got everything you need to know about Saudi Arabia postal codes here.

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Riyadh Zip Code 2022

The 2022 Riyadh Zip code is an important topic for both locals and expats in the city. The zip code will cover a large area, and it’s important to know which areas will be included in order to be prepared for the change.

Riyadh ZIP Codes (City/Town/Area)Postal Code or Zip Code
Al Olaya Postal Code12313
Al Muruj Postal Code12281
Al Mursalat Postal Code12461
Salahuddin Postal Code12432
Al Mughrizat Postal Code12481
Nuzha Postal Code12473
Ghirnath Postal Code13241
Al Shifa Postal Code14713
Badr Postal Code14717
Al Azizia Postal Code14514
Dar Al Baida Postal Code14518
Mansuriyah Postal Code14535
Qurtuba Postal Code13245
Ishbiliyah Postal Code13226
Al Yarmuk Postal Code13243
Munsiyah Postal Code13255
Rimal Postal Code13424
Al Nadwa Postal Code14814
An Nasim Ash Sharqi Postal Code12243
An Nasim Al Gharbi Postal Code14233
Al Khaleej Postal Code13223
Ar Rawdah Postal Code13211
King Abdullah Dt Postal Code12425
Al Izdihar Postal Code12485
Al Wadi Postal Code13313
Rabwah Postal Code12834
Al Zahra Postal Code12811
Al Sulaimaniyah Postal Code12234
Al Manar Postal Code14221
Al Janadriyah Postal Code13611
An Nadwa Postal Code14814
Ash Sharq Postal Code13619
Al Arid Postal Code13344
Diriyah Postal Code13732
Al Yasmin Postal Code13326
An Narjis Postal Code13322
New Industrial Area Postal Code14331
Al Iskan Postal Code14317
Ad Difa Postal Code14315
Dhahrat Laban Postal Code13782
Qurtubah Postal Code13244
Al Hamra Postal Code13217
As Suwaidi Postal Code12787
Al Kharj Postal Code16277
Al Muzahmiya Postal Code19675
Shaqra Postal Code15571
Ushaiqer Postal Code15516
Al Majmah Postal Code15362

Macca & Jeddah Postal Code

Postal code lookup is now available for Jeddah. This service will allow you to determine the postal code for any address in Jeddah.

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If you are in Saudi Arabia and need to send or receive mail, you will need to know the postal code for your city. Jeddah postal codes are as follows:

Jeddah ZIP Codes (City/Town/Area)Postal Code or Zip Code
Azizia Postal Code23337
Al Safa Postal Code23451
Al Marwa Postal Code23541
As Salamah Postal Code23436
Ash Shati Postal Code23513
Al Murjan Postal Code23714
Al Rehab Postal Code23344
Al Yaqoot Postal Code23824
Al Sawari Postal Code23826
Al Lulu Postal Code23821
Al Naeem Postal Code23526
Al Nahda Postal Code23523
Al Tawfiq Postal Code23464
Al Waha Postal Code23353
Bryman Postal Code23644
Al Jamiah Postal Code22341
Al Jawaharah Postal Code22416
Alajaweed Postal Code22442
Al Wadi Postal Code22518
As Sarawat Postal Code22527
Al Khomrah Postal Code22534
Khumrah Postal Code22524
Al Khalidiyyah Postal Code23421
Industrial Area Postal Code22429
Al Faisaliyyah Postal Code23441
Al Rabwa Postal Code23446
Al Bawadi Postal Code23443
Nuzha Postal Code23534
Taiba Postal Code23831
Rabigh Postal Code25753
Qunfudah Postal Code28821
Khulais Postal Code25537
Taif Postal Code26523
Makkah Postal Code24231
Al Lith Postal Code28434
Adham Postal Code28653
Ranyah Postal Code29812
Al Khurmah Postal Code29372
Thuwal Postal Code23954

Saudi Eastern Province Postal Codes

Residents of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia may be interested in the postal codes used in the region. The Eastern Province is divided into six postal regions, each with its own unique code. The codes are as follows:

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KSA Eastern Province Postal Codes

City/Town/AreaPostal Code
Dammam Postal Code32257
Qatif Postal Code32641
Al Fursan Postal Code32333
Dhahran Postal Code34517
Ras Tanura Postal Code32863
Jubail Postal Code35514
Khobar Postal Code34714
Khafji Postal Code39254
Al Hofuf Postal Code36361
Hafr Al Baten Postal Code39953
Buqayq Postal Code33261
Al Hamra Postal Code35419

Madinah Postal Codes or ZIP Codes

City/Town/AreaPostal Code
Madinah Postal Codes42316
Badr Postal Code46354
Al-Ula Postal Code43512
Mahad Al Dahab Postal Code44411
Al-Hanakiya Postal Code42642
Yanbu Postal Code46455

Jizan Postal Codes or ZIP Codes

City/Town/AreaPostal Code
Jazan Postal Code82723
Abu Arish Postal Code84511
Samtah Postal Code86736
Sabya Postal Code85299
Al Aridhah Postal Code83221
Ahad Al-Masarhah Postal Code86622
Al Dayer Postal Code83724
Baish Postal Code87311
Fayfa Postal Code83551
AL Eidabi Postal Code85742

Qassim Postal Codes or ZIP Codes

City/Town/AreaPostal Code
Buraidah Postal Code52367
Unaizah Postal Code56219
Ash-Shimasia Postal Code52223
Al-Rass Postal Code58881
Uyun Al-Jawa Postal Code52786
Al-Mitnab Postal Code56525
Al-Bukairiyah Postal Code52735
Al-Badayea Postal Code56362
Riyadh Al-Khabra Postal Code54662

Asir Postal Codes or ZIP Codes

City/Town/AreaPostal Code
Bisha Postal Code67713
Abha Postal Code62521
Muhayil Postal Code63711
Sarat Abidah Postal Code64731
Tathleeth Postal Code69316
Al Majardah Postal Code14714
Dhahran Al-Janoub Postal Code64271
Rijal Almaa Postal Code63468
Bariq Postal Code63879
Khamees Mushait Postal Code62461
Al Mahalah Postal Code62564
Ahad Rufaidah Postal Code62419
Namas Postal Code67392
Balqarn Postal Code67313
Tanomah Postal Code62797

Tabuk Postal Codes or ZIP Codes

City/Town/AreaPostal Code
Tabuk Postal Codes47914
Duba Postal Code49312
Al-Wajh Postal Code48721
Umluj Postal Code48321
Tayma Postal Code45911
Haql Postal Code49938
Al-Bad Postal Code49824

Hail Postal Codes or ZIP Codes

City/Town/AreaPostal Code
Hail Postal Codes55425
Baqaa Postal Code53797
Turbah Postal Code53823
Al-Shinan Postal Code53521
Jubbah Postal Code55679
Al-Ghazalah Postal Code57631
Al-Khitah Postal Code55826

Northern Borders  Saudi Arabia Postal Codes

City/Town/AreaPostal Code
Turaif Postal Code75311
Arar Postal Code73244
Rafhaa Postal Code76313

Other Regions KSA Postal Codes

City/Town/AreaPostal Code
Sakaka Postal Code72341
Sharurah Postal Code68372
Najran Postal Code66251
Al-Baha Postal Code65526
Madeq Postal Code65921
Al Makhwa Postal Code65312
Qurayyat Postal Code77453

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