How to Make Your Mic Not Pick Up Keyboard Sound?

How to Make Your Mic Not Pick Up Keyboard Sound?

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Do you like streaming or video making? If you do, you should be familiar with the phenomena when your microphone picks up the audio sound of your keyboard when you are typing. It isn’t very pleasant. Read More: Microphone Optimization

Not anymore! We have brought the solution to this problem in this discussion. We collected a few important tips, by following which you can achieve zero interference from your keyboard keys. So, are you ready? Let’s get on to it then.

How To Make Your Mic Not Pick Up Keyboard Sound? : The Solutions

We all know that Windows is known for its functionality and performance. However, there are instances when this software is not performing as expected. And it is the sound that Windows produces that is annoying. It is not endearing at all. That is why we need to know how to make your microphone not pick up keyboard sound. The solution is below.

  • Repositioning the Microphone

The most basic and common thing to do to get rid of noise pollution in your microphone is to reset its position. We recommend positioning your microphone as far away from your keyboard as possible.

The best position to place your microphone is 3 to 5 inches within your mouths’ vicinity. The only voice you want to pick up from the air is your voice data at the recording time. Other than that, the sound of air noise, fan noise or keyboard noise, etc., are unnecessary noise sources. 

So, it’s better to keep your microphone away from those miscellaneous voice sources and keep it close to your mouth. As your mouth is the primary source of voice data, your microphone will not pick up keyboard noises while you are talking.

  • Opt for a Silent Keyboard
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Whether you are a fan of mechanical keyboards or not, you should consider buying a silent keyboard if you want to keep your key taps silent. Nowadays, there are many keyboard models equipped with noiseless rubber paddings under the keys. So, when you tap, and type, not a large amount of sound is generated.

If you want to know the real solution of making your mic not pick up keyboard sound, buying a silent keyboard is the ultimate solution.

  • Decreasing Microphone Sensitivity

This process requires you to minimize the microphone sensitivity of your microphone through your PC’s native sound settings. Follow the steps below: 

Step 1: On the start menu of your Windows computer, type CONTROL PANEL. Then, enter the CONTROL PANEL option.

Step 2: In the CONTROL PANEL, you will find an option labeled “SOUND.” Right-click on it.

Step 3: Go to the RECORDING tab. Then click on your external/internal MICROPHONE.

Step 4: In the lower right corner, click on the PROPERTIES button. Now, go to the Levels tab.

Step 5: In the LEVELS tab, Click on the MICROPHONE slider and move it to the left direction to decrease the microphone sensitivity of your computer.

Step 6: Now click the OK button. Then, close the window.

  • Take Advantage of Pop Filters

Pop filters are great tools to suppress miscellaneous noise when you are recording something. We recommend that using a decent pop filter in your microphone will not catch background noises from your keyboard taps.

If you can precisely follow the above tips, you should no longer have the problem of the microphone picking your keyboard sounds. 

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