How To Make Your Blue Snowball Sound Better? : Microphone Optimization

How To Make Your Blue Snowball Sound Better?

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Do you make videos or audio for streaming? If you do, you must be familiar with blue snowball microphones. Those microphones are fantastic at their job and come at a reasonable price. 

But, only the catch is that you have to properly optimize the setting and installation of the blue snowball microphone very precisely to get good sound. 

While optimizing your blue snowball microphone is not the hardest job in the world, many forget to fine-tune this piece of wonderful hardware. As a result, it gets low-quality sound from a blow snowball microphone. But we recommend knowing the proper procedures to get the best out of your blue snowball microphones. Read More: How To Factory Reset The Nextbook Tablet?

So, do you want to know how to make your blue snowball sound better? Follow the steps below:

How To Make Your Blue Snowball Sound Better?

We have come up with the five most important tips for you so you can get better sounds from your blue snowball microphone. 

  • Tip 1: Set up the microphone 3 to 5 inches from your mouth

When sitting up your blue snowball microphone, make sure that you keep the microphone within close vicinity of your mouth. To be precise, we recommend setting up the microphone within 3 to 5 inches from your mouth.

It will not only enhance your voice on the recording but also make your voice sound crispier.

  • Tip 2: Pointing the microphone upward

If you want your blue snowball microphone to catch as much voice data as it can from your voice, the best idea is to install it in such a position that it is pointed upwards towards your mouth.

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Because of gravity, The Voice sound wave that comes out of your mouth generally goes in the downward direction. So, setting the microphone pointing upwards keeps it more scope of capturing more voice data.

  • Tip 3: Using a boom stand

Because the blue snowball microphone is a condenser microphone, it captures a lot of unrelated noise other than your voice data. If you point the microphone towards a direction other than your mouth, It will pick up air noise or other miscellaneous noise pollution.

Experts have found that the best sound result that you can get from the blues snowball microphone is by making sure it is set within 3 to 5 inches of your mouth and set upward towards your mouth. 

To do that, we recommend using a boom stand. Install a boom stand to make your microphone more stabilized in its position and help it capture only your targeted voice data. 

Use this video to know how you can install a boom stand to your Blue snowball microphone.

  • Tip 4: Using a pop filter

It is very common to see YouTubers using a pop filter to get a better quality sound from their microphones. So, we recommend using a pop filter with your blue snowball microphone too.

  • Tips 5: Equalization of sound

Lastly, we recommend that you tweak and adjust your sound through software. This process is called equalization. Equalizing your voice sound is very helpful to achieve the topmost quality of voice data out of your recorded voice.

While the equalization settings and steps are different for different users, we have collected this video for you to watch and follow the equation steps to achieve the right equalization for your voice data.

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There you go. If you follow the above steps precisely, your blue snowball microphone should give you the best output. Use this video if you need further assistance.

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