Where Is Absher Machine Located in Saudi Arabia?

Every day, More than thousands of workers searching for an ABSHER machine in the KSA need to register. However, many workers don’t have a valid ID/IQAMA card on hand because they fail to renew their IQAMA, so there’s able to fingerprint an ABSHER. Many people do not know where the nearest Absher machine is located in order to get a register.

In this article, You will find the ABSHER machine location around Saudi Arabia. Check below Absher Machine located nearest your city.

What Is “ABSHER”?

While the word “Absher” itself is derived from Arabic, the platform is exclusively developed for the residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is a digital service platform designed to provide benefits to the citizens, which include a multitude of services.

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Federal government office in KhobarAl Rashid Mall, Olaya, 3545 Saudi Arabia, Al Khobar 34448WebSiteDirections
Government office in RiyadhAmr Aldamri St, Al Safarat, Riyadh 12512WebSiteDirections
Shopping mall in Dhahran6864, Mall of Dhahran, Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Road, Al Dawhah Al Janubiyah, Dhahran 34457WebSiteDirections
Absher self-service Corporate office Jubail2M35+JV4, Jubail City Center, Al Jubail 35514WebSiteDirections
Absher Self-Service Kiosk Security service in Abqaiq3574 Omar Ibn Al Khattab St, Almatar, Buqayq 33261WebSiteDirections
Absher Self Service Machine at Galleria Mall in JubailGalleria Mall Jubail, Al Khamees Rd, Fanateer, Al Jubail 35811WebSiteDirections
Absher service device, Government office in Al-KharjAr Rashidiyah, Al-Kharj 16245 4306WebSiteDirections
Absher service device, Government office in Riyadhطريق الأمير محمد بن عبد العزيز،، Al Mathar Ash Shamali, Riyadh 12332WebSiteDirections

Absher Machine Located Area

AbhaPassports (Women)1
AbhaAsir Mall2
AbhaMobily – Abha Flagship1
AbhaMobily – Omar Bin Abdul Aziz St.1
AbhaMobily – Abha, Khamis High Way (Al-Othaim Mall)1
AbhaMobily – Al Rashed Mall Kiosk1
AbhaMobily – Aseer Mall1
AbhaMobily – Al Mansak District, Talat Bin Basher St. Near To East Abha Police1
AbhaMobily – Restaurants St In Front Of Al-A’ta Pharmacy1
AbhaMobily – Khaldia District, Al-Qabil St.1
AbqeeqMobily – Prince Naif St, The Dental Clinics Building1
Abu ArishAl Raya Supermarkets1
Abu ArishMobily – Intersection Of King Fahad & Khaled Bin Al-Walid St.1
Ad DiriyahCivil Affairs1
Ad DiriyahCivil Affairs (Women)1
AfifMain Rd.1
Ahad MasarhaMobily – Ahad Masareha, City Center1
Ahad RafeedahMobily – Main Road Front Of Ncb Bank1
Al AflajPassports1
Al AflajKing Abdul Aziz Street1
Al AsyahMarkets Othaim1
Al Badai’Mobily – King Abdul Aziz Rd. Infront Of Ncb1
Al BadayeaPanda1
Al BahaMobily – King Abdul Aziz St. Beside Al-Khaleej Hotel Apartments.1
Al BahahPassports2
Al BahahAl Baha Passports1
Al BahahAlaqiq Royal Mall1
Al Batha PortPassports1
Al BukairiahMobily – Al-Balad Market Place.1
Al BukayriyahPassports1
Al BukayriyahAl Bukayriyah Mall (Gate 2)1
Al DarbAl Darb Mall1
Al DarbMobily – Al-Darb – Main Street – Beside The Stc Retail Outlet1
Al DawadmiAl Dwadmi Main Rd1
Al DawadmiMain St. Beside Al-Khaleg Optical Center1
Al Der’eahKing Abdul Aziz St. Al-Othaim Hyper Market1
Al DuwadimiPassports1
Al GhatAl Ghat Passports1
Al HanakiaPassports1
Al HelilahAl-Helilah District, Main St.1
Al HofoufMobily – Alsouk St.1
Al HofoufMobily – Al-Khaldia District, Main St.1
Al HofoufMobily – Al Mubaraz – Al Amir Talal, Al Nuzha1
Al HofoufMobily – Al Salam District.1
Al HofufAhsaa Passports1
Al HofufAhsaa Passports – Women1
Al HofufCivil Affairs1
Al HofufOthaim Mall1
Al HofufAl Rashid Town Square1
Al HofufPanda Amazroo District1
Al HofufPanda – Rashideya District1
Al JubailPassports1
Al JubailCivil Affairs1
Al JubailJubail Mall (Gate 2)1
Al JubailHyper Panda King Fahad Rd.1
Al JubailMobily – Asaiki Center1
Al JubailMobily – Intersection Of 60 St. With King Faisal Rd.1
Al JubailMobily – Jubail, Alsafa St1
Al JubailMobily – Galleria Mall1
Al KhafjiMobily – Al-Baladiah St.1
Al KharjKing Fahed Street – Beside Panda1
Al KharjKing Saud Rd, Al Aziziyyah1
Al KhobarPassports1
Al KhobarKing Fahd Bridge Passports1
Al KhobarTraffic1
Al KhobarDhahran Mall (Gate 12)1
Al KhobarRashid Mall – (Gate 9)1
Al KhobarAlfanar Mall1
Al KhobarFouad Center1
Al KhobarPanda Al Jesr District1
Al KhobarMobily – King Fahad Street1
Al KhobarMobily – Alrashd Mall1
Al KhobarMobily – Al Azizeyah District- Farm Markets Mall Shop عدد91
Al KhurmahAbdullah Othaim Markets1
Al LithTraffic1
Al MajaridahAl Raya Supermarkets1
Al MajmaKing Abdulaziz St.1
Al Majma’ahPanda (King Faisal Rd.)1
Al Majma’ahAl Majma’ah Mall (Gate 2)1
Al MakhwahChamber Of Commerce1
Al MandaqPassports1
Al MaznabMobily – King Abdul Aziz St.1
Al MithnabMarkets Othaim1
Al MubarazMobily – Abou Miyah St. Al-Mahasin District-Almubaraz1
Al MubarazMobily – Zahran Rd. In Front Of Jarir Book Store1
Al MubarazMobily – Al-Mobaraz District, Al-Nagah St.1
Al MuzahmeyahKing Abdulaziz St.1
Al NabhanyaMobily – King Abdulaziz Street, Beside Al-Rajwol Place1
Al NamasPassports1
Al NamasMobily – Main St Beside Ministry Of Agriculture1
Al OlaMobily – El-Souk St., Al-Shamel Center1
Al OyoonMobily – Al Oyoon High Way Next To Riyadh Bank1
Al QarrahMobily – Al Qaraah Main Street1
Al QatifPanda (Uhud Rd.)1
Al QatifCity Mall1
Al QatifMobily – Alqudus St.1
Al QatifMobily – Ohad Street1
Al QunfudhahAlbandar Mall1
Al QurayyatPassports1
Al QurayyatCivil Affairs1
Al QuryyatMobily – 40th Str.Cross With 30th St. Lead To Main Hospital.1
Al QuwaiiyahAl Quwaiiyah Mall1
Al QuwyiyaMain St – King Abdulaziz St.1
Al RasMobily – Al-Ras, Al-Souk District Beside Al Ras Mall.1
Al WajhMobily – Al-Wajih Hospital St.1
Al WajhPassports1
Al ZulfiIntersection Of The King Abdullah & King Fahd St.1
Al-KharjRoshan Markets1
Al-KharjLulu Markets (Gate No. 1)1
Al-KharjLulu Markets (Gate No. 2)1
Al-KharjAlhadethy Mall (Gate 2)1
Al-KharjAl Khuzama District, King Abdullah Road ( Jarir Bookstore )1
Al-KharjAl Dalam, King Fahad Rd. As Sahna District1
Al-KharjPrince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Rd, Al Faysaliyah District1
Al-KhobarMobily – Al Rakha Al Shamaliah District, Khaled Bin Al Waleed Street In Front Of Nab Bank1
Al-KhobarMobily – Prince Faisal Bin Fahad Road, Al Hizam Al Akhdar District1
Al-MuzahmiyaAl-Muzahmiya Mall1
Al-NeareaMobily – King Khaled St. Beside Ncb & Al-Rajhi Banks1
AlulaAl Farid Alzahabi Complex1
AlulaAlula Design Studio1
Ar RassPassports1
ArarValley Mall1
ArarArar Mall1
ArarCivil Affairs1
ArarMobily – King Abdulaziz Road1
ArarMobily – 25th St. The First Building From The Main Street Side1
ArarMobily – Prince Abdul Mohsen Bin Juloi Front Of Stc1
As SulayyilAs Sulayyil General Hospital1
Az ZulfiPassports1
Az ZulfiCity Mall1
BaljurashiBaljurashi Mall1
BaljurashiMobily – Janoub Road1
Baq’aMobily -Baq’a Main Street1
BareqMobily – Main St. (Jeddah Rd.) Beside Al-Badriah Super Market1
BariqAl Raya Supermarkets1
BishaTulip Mall1
BishaMobily – King Khaled St. Infront Of Al-Malhan Mall1
BishaMobily – Al-Salam Center Corner Of Al-Hizam St. & Baladia St.1
BuraidahMobily – Buradiah Flagship1
BuraidahMobily – Ad Dahi District, Panda Supermarket1
BuraidahMobily – Al Basateen1
BuraidahMobily – Nakheel Plaza Qaseem Kiosk1
BuraidahMobily – King Abdulaziz Rd, Al Bishr District1
BuraydahQasim Traffic Department1
BuraydahOthaim Mall1
BuraydahAl Nakhil Mall (Gate 3)1
BuraydahHyper Panda King Khalid Rd.1
BuraydahPanda – Hazm District1
BuraydahPrince Nayef Bin Abdulaziz International Airport1
BuridahMobily – Alkhubib1
BuridahMobily – Omar Ebin Al-Khatab St.1
DahranMobily – Al-Doha District, Abdulah Ibin Al-Abas St.1
DahranMobily – Ibn Batuta Street, Al Jamiah District1
Damad-JizanMobily – Main St. Damad Market Place Beside Damad S.Market1
DammamEastern Region Passports1
DammamCivil Affairs1
DammamCivil Affairs (Al Shatea Mall)1
DammamCivil Affairs (Al Shatea Mall) Women1
DammamKing Fahd International Airport1
DammamEastern Region Governorate1
DammamKing Fahad Specialist Hospital – Dammam.1
DammamAsharqia Chamber – King Fahd Rd.1
DammamAl Shatea Mall1
DammamPanda – King Fahd District1
DammamHyper Panda Uhud District1
DammamHyper Panda – Rayyan District1
DammamHyper Panda – Ather District1
DammamHyper Panda – Nada District1
DammamLulu Mall1
DammamMobily King Saud Rd.1
DammamMobily – King Saud Street Flagship1
DammamMobily – King Fahad International Airport1
DammamMobily – Cornich Flagship1
DammamMobily – Dammam New Flagship1
DammamMobily – Ibn Khaldon Flagship1
DammamMobily – Gaint Stores Beside Stc Outlet1
DammamMobily – 28th Street, Al Aziziyah District1
DammamMobily – Moraikabbat District1
DammamMobily – Al Faisaliyyah1
DammamMobily – 91 District, In Front Of Toyota1
DammamMobily – Abdullah Fouad District, Fatamah Al-Zahraa St.1
DammamMobily – Dammam Othaim Mall1
DammamMobily – Communication District, 42 St.1
DammamMobily – 18th Street, Lulu Mall, Al Adamah District1
Dawmat Al-JandalMobily – Commercial Area Beside Abdul Latif Gamil1
DhahranDhahran General Hospital1
DhahranAramco Passports1
DhahranKfupm Mall1
Dhahran Al JanoubMobily – Main St. Infront Of Alahwal Almadaneyah1
Dhahran Al JanubPassports1
DubaMobily – Beside, Markaz Shahed Computers,Al Sinaiyah1
DubaFarm Markets1
Dumah Al JandalPassports1
Farasan IslandPassports1
Hafar Al BatinCivil Affairs1
Hafar Al BatinRajihi Mall1
Hafar Al BatinAl Makan Mall1
Hafar Al BatinHasoun Center1
Hafer Al BatinMobily – Hafer Al Batin Flagship1
Hafer AlbatenMobily – Alsafwa Center1
Hafer AlbatenMobily – King Abdul Aziz St. Beside Azizyah Market Place1
HafoufMobily – Hafouf Flagship1
HafoufMobily – Al Houfof Gulf Street Flagship1
HafoufMobily – Ahsa Othaim Mall1
HafoufMobily – Ahsa Mall1
HagelMobily – 30st, Al Zahra Destrict1
HailCivil Affairs1
HailHail Mall1
HailMobily – King  Abdul Aziz Road1
HailMobily – Prince Saud Bin Abdulmohsen St.1
HailMobily – Hail Flagship1
HailMobily -Grand Mall1
HailMobily -King Fahad Road Salah Al-Din District1
Hautat SudairPassports1
HawiahMobily – Hawiah,Western1
Hawtat Bani TamimAl-Islamiyah District, Al-Mohamadia St.1
HenakiahMobily – Main Rd. In Front Of Thecity’s Main Hospital1
HobonaAl Jamayah Al Taawnyah1
Howtat Bani TamimHyper Panda (Ahmed Bin Abdulaziz Rd.)1
HuraymilaOthaim Markets1
JamomMobily – Central City, Next To Stc1
JazanCivil Affairs1
JazanPanda – Al Rashid Mall – King Fahad Rd.1
JazanHyper Panda – King Faisal Rd.1
JeddahPassports (Rihab District)1
JeddahCivil Affairs (Jawad Center )1
JeddahCivil Affairs (Jawad Center – Women1
JeddahCivil Affairs – Safa District – Women1
JeddahTraffic Sahafa District1
JeddahIstiqdam Office1
JeddahKing Abdelaziz Airport (Northern Hall)1
JeddahKing Abdelaziz Airport (Southern Hall)1
JeddahKing Abdelaziz Airport (New Airport)1
JeddahChamber Of Commerce – Al Baghdadeya District1
JeddahMaras Center (King Abdelaziz Rd.)1
JeddahRed Sea Mall2
JeddahAl Andalus Mall (Gate 5)2
JeddahAlserafy Mall2
JeddahAl Tahliya Mall1
JeddahAl Arab Mall1
JeddahAl Yasamen Mall1
JeddahAziz Mall1
JeddahAl Mahmal Center1
JeddahSallam Mall1
JeddahMobily (Palestine St.)1
JeddahKing Faisal Specialist Hospital (Gate 2)1
JeddahNational Guard Hospital (Gate 3)1
JeddahMobily – Kaia North Terminal Arrival1
JeddahMobily – Palestine Flagship1
JeddahMobily – University Mall1
JeddahMobily – Jeddah Mega Flagship1
JeddahMobily – Al-Andalus Flagship1
JeddahMobily – Hera’aa Avenue1
JeddahMobily – Jeddah New Flagship1
JeddahMobily – Al Tawfeeq Mfbo1
JeddahMobily – 40st , Tamimi Bldg 31
JeddahMobily – Prince Fawaz1
JeddahMobily – Al Hamadania , Beside Kfc1
JeddahMobily – Al Sulimaniya St1
JeddahMobily – King Abdulaziz  Road. Red Sea Mall1
JeddahMobily – Hera Mall, Hera St. & Al-Madina Rd. Gate 7.1
JeddahMobily – Al Safa – Rabwa Area1
JeddahMobily – North Jeddah, 40 St. Near The Buriman Prison1
JeddahMobily – Taibah Dist  .1
JeddahMobily – Dwar Al Mared1
JeddahMobily – Petromin District. Al-Mahjar St.1
JeddahMobily – Alserafy Mall1
JeddahMobily – Al-Salamah District, Saqar Qurash St. Beside Al-Baik1
JeddahMobily – King Fahd (Al Seteen) Road, Nuzhah District1
JeddahMobily – Hera Shopping Center, Hera St. & 40 St. Hera District1
JeddahMobily – Um El Qurah Street1
JeddahMobily – Quraysh, Al Bawadi District1
JeddahMobily – 70st, Next To Al Tazej1
JeddahMobily – Al Khaldiya Area , Rawda St1
JeddahMobily – Jeddah Islamic Port St. Al-Marsa Market Place1
JeddahMobily – Andalous Mall1
JeddahMobily – Bakhashab St.1
JeddahMobily – Al-Yammama Center, 60 St. Al-Kadarah1
JeddahMobily – Al-Touba St. Al-Sharafya District1
JeddahMobily – Al Murjan District Next To Sada Al Tahliya1
JeddahMobily – Ar Rawabi & Madain Al Fahd1
JeddahMobily – South Jeddah, 14 Km St. Beside Stc Cbo1
JeddahMobily – Sari Road,1
JeddahMobily – Zahra District – Front Al Shate’e Mall1
JeddahMobily – Mesharah District, Solider Mall, Grenada & Makarona St.1
JeddahMobily – Mall Of Arabia Jeddah Kiosk1
JeddahMobily – Al-Safa District West Of The Jeddah Mekkah High Way.1
JeddahMobily – Yasmin Kiosk1
JeddahMobily – Al Khaldiyah .Prince Sultan St.1
JeddahMobily – Kaia Terminal 11
JeddahMobily – Aziz Mall1
JizanMobily – Jizan Flagship1
JizanMobily – Town Center Ex. Stc1
JizanMobily – Al Rasheed Mall Jizan Kiosk1
JizanMobily – Rawda District, Saudi Arabian Airlines St.1
Jubail IndustrialGaleria Mall1
Jubail IndustrialPanda – Khalil Rd.1
KhafjiKhafji Mall1
KhafjiMobily – Al Faihaa, King Abdulaziz Rd.1
Khamees MushaitMobily – Al Khaldyah District- 30 Street.1
Khamees MushaitMobily – Khamis Mushait – King Fahad St. – City Center1
Khamees MushaitMobily – King Faisal Street1
Khamees MushaitMobily – Air Force Base St.1
Khamis MushaitPassports2
Khamis MushaitBoulevard Khamis Mushait1
Khamis MushaitMobily – Khamis Mushet Flagship1
Khamis MushaitMobily – Al Khamis Avenue Kiosk1
Khamis MushaitMobily – Umm Sarar District, King Saud Street, Near To Al Sarh Al Shamel Clinic1
Khamis MushaitMobily – Tayyib Al Ism District, Al Madina Al Monawarah St.1
Khamis MushaytMobily – Al Harir, Al Rasras, Al Shifa, Dhalalah1
KhobarMobily – Khobar Mega Flagship1
KhobarMobily – Al Daharan Mall Kiosk1
KhulaisMobily – Al-Madaris St.1
LaithMobily – Al Balad Area, Central Market1
MadinahCivil Affairs1
MadinahPrince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz International Airport1
MadinahComprehensive Government Services Center1
MadinahKing Faisal Special Hospital1
MadinahAliya Mall1
MadinahAlrashid Mega Mall1
MadinahAl Manar Mall2
MadinahMobily –  Madinah King Fahad Street Flagship1
MadinahMobily –  Taybah Center , Al Haram North Area1
MadinahMobily –  Madinah Sultana Flagship1
MadinahMobily –  Al-Bahar District, Rawadi Qoba Mall, Pr. A. Majed Rd1
MadinahMobily –  Prince Mohammed Bin Abdul Aziz St.1
MadinahMobily –  Al-Saba’a Masajed St. (Telecom Market)1
MadinahMobily –  Al-Azizyah Mall1
MadinahMobily –  Ghayth Bin Ali, Urwah, Medina1
MadinahMobily – Prince Sultan Ibn Abdulaziz, Al Hijra1
MadinahMobily – The 3rd Ring Road Cross Al Oyoon Road1
MadinahMobily – Al-Madina, Qurban Road, Al Wqaisi Building1
MadinahMobily – Al Jurf – Prince Naif Bin Abdul Aziz Street1
MadinahMobily – Al Iskan1
MadinahMobily – Al Rashed Mega Mall 1st Floor F11
MadinahPrince Mohammed Airport New Terminal1
MadinahMobily – Al Nour Mall- Kiosk1
Mahail AsirMobily – King Faisal Road (Abha Rd – Mahail Asir)1
Mahd Adh DhahabPassports1
Mahd Adh DhahabMobily – Main St. In-Front Of Al-Rajhi1
MakkahMakkah Region Passports2
MakkahCivil Affairs1
MakkahMakkah Mall1
MakkahTraffic – Awali District1
MakkahAl Juroshy Mall1
MakkahAl Hijaz Mall1
MakkahPanda (Alsharaye Mall)1
MakkahHyper Panda Awali District1
MakkahHyper Panda – Kaakeyah District1
MakkahMobily – Makkah (Dar Al Tawheed Flagship)1
MakkahMobily – Abraj Al Bait_New-Fs1
MakkahMobily – Al-Diafa Flagship1
MakkahMobily – Al-Aziziah Flagship1
MakkahMobily – Al Nakeel Plaza  (New Mall)1
MakkahMobily – Al Shawqiya Abdullah Bin Abbas St1
MakkahMobily – Al-Adl St.1
MakkahMobily – Al Sharae’e –  Al Mubashirin, Ar Rashidiyyah1
MakkahMobily – Al Awali – Makkah Flagship1
MakkahMobily – Al Buhairat District , Main Street1
MakkahMobily – Al Nowariya, Makkah–Madina Road1
MakkahMobily – Makkah Mall Kiosk1
MakkahMobily – Al Khadra North District – Mohammed Saleh Ibrahim Khozami – Shop # 91
MakkahMobily – Al-Aziziyah St. World Trade Center Shop 111
MakkahMobily – Alzaydi District, Prince Naif St.1
MakkahMobily – Hajj Street. In Front Of Ncb1
MakkahMobily – Al-Mansour St. Al-Anakah Shopping Complex.1
MakkahMobily – Al Andalus & Alutaybiyyah1
MakkahMobily – Al Tanim District, Al Madina Al Manawara Road1
MakkahMobily – Al Sharai Al Shamalyah District, King Faisal Road, Next To Baskin Robines1
MakkahMobily – Al Hamra – Amna Bent Wahab St1
MakkahMobily – Ash Shaikh Abdullah Al Khalifi, An Nuzhah District1
MakkahMobily – Grand Makah Hotel Fs Shop # 71
MakkahMobily – Al Hijaz Mall1
MarartMarart General Hospital1
Muhayil AsirPassports1
Muhayil AsirAl Waha Center1
NairyahFarm Markets – Khalij District1
NajranNajran Royal Center1
NajranRayhan Mall1
NajranMobily – Najran Flagship1
NajranMobily – Al Qabil, Shab Rir & Dahdah1
OnaizahMobily – Zulfi Rd.1
OnaizahMobily – Oniza Flagship1
OnaizahMobily – Oniza Othem Mall1
Qaryat Al UlyaPassports1
QatifMobily – Qatif Flagship1
QilwaGreen Market1
QunfuthaMobily – 30 St. Al Khaldia District1
RabighMobily – Al-Souk Dicrtict. Main St. Al-Bayan Mall1
RafhaMarkets Othaim – Abdelaziz Bin Mesaed Rd.1
RafhaaMobily – Kind Abdul Aziz St. King Faisal St.1
RaniaMobily – Main St. Telecom Center, Rania Mall1
RanyahAl Tahghr Commercial Center1
Ras TanoraMobily – King Abdullah St. Beside The Rajhi Bank1
Ras TanuraPanda1
Riyad Al-KhubraaLion Market1
RiyadhMalaz Passports2
RiyadhRiyadh Passports (Women)1
RiyadhPassport Office In The Digital City– Nakhil District1
RiyadhCivil Affairs (Washm St.)1
RiyadhCivil Affairs (Washm St.) Women1
RiyadhCivil Affairs (Royal Center) Women1
RiyadhCivil Affairs – Qurtuba District1
RiyadhEmirate Of Riyadh Province1
RiyadhRawdah Traffic Office1
RiyadhPassports – King Khalid International Airport1
RiyadhMeras Center – Sahafa District1
RiyadhPublic Transportation – Azezeyya District3
RiyadhPrincess Nourah Bint Abdul Rahman University (Po6 Main Building)1
RiyadhKing Fahad Medical City(Main Building)1
RiyadhRiyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center1
RiyadhMinistry Of National Guard (Surgery Tower)1
RiyadhKing Khalid University Hospital (Main Building)1
RiyadhRiyadh Region Development Authority, Diplomatic Quarter1
RiyadhZain Company (King Abdullah Rd.)1
RiyadhZain Company Batha S.)1
RiyadhMobily Company (King Abdullah Rd.)1
RiyadhRoyal Mall – Rahmanya District1
RiyadhRiyadh Avenue Mall – Murabbaa District1
RiyadhKhurais Mall1
RiyadhSky Mall (Imam Shafei Rd)1
RiyadhAl Qasr Mall1
RiyadhAl Makan Mall – Al Malga District1
RiyadhSahara Mall -Gate 21
RiyadhSahara Mall (First Floor)1
RiyadhPanorama Mall (Gate 5)1
RiyadhAtyaf Mall Yarmouk District1
RiyadhAljazera Supermarkets – Sulimanya District (Gate 3)1
RiyadhFarm Markets Tuwaeeq District (Najm Eldin Rd.)1
RiyadhDove Plaza (Umm Al Hamam St.)1
RiyadhHyper Panda Al Hazm District (Dirab Rd.)1
RiyadhPanda Badeia District (Hamza Bin Abdulmutalib St.1
RiyadhHyper Panda Al Hamaraa District (Al Hassan Bin Hussein St.)1
RiyadhPanda Al Hamaraa District (King Abdullah Rd.)1
RiyadhFarm Markets – Sahafa1
RiyadhPanda – Jazera District (Sharq Plaza)1
RiyadhPanda – Nadhem District (Khurais Rd.)1
RiyadhPanda – Masef District (Abu Bakr Elseddiq)1
RiyadhPanda – Qurtuba District (Prince Mohammed Bin Salamn Rd.)1
RiyadhHyper Panda – Ishbilia District (Sheikh Jabir Al Subah Rd.)1
RiyadhPanda – Nahda District (Abdurrahman Al Nasir St.)1
RiyadhPanda – Moonesya District (Al-Qias St.)1
RiyadhHyper Panda -Tuweeq District (Bilal Bin Rabah St.)1
RiyadhPanda – Shubra District1
RiyadhPanda – Mansourah District (Batha St.)1
RiyadhPanda Naseem District (Saad Bin Abdurrahman Al Awwal Rd.)1
RiyadhThe Roof Mall, Al Yasmeen District (Abu Bakr As Siddi Rd.1
RiyadhMobily – King Khaild Airport1
RiyadhMobily – Batha Flagship1
RiyadhMobily – Alhamraa1
RiyadhMobily – Riyadh Mega Flagship1
RiyadhMobily – Khurais St.1
RiyadhMobily – Exit 15. Al-Salamah District, Abdul Rahman Bin Saad St.1
RiyadhMobily – Tawaren Flagship1
RiyadhMobily – Dirab Road Flagship1
RiyadhMobily – Alswaidi1
RiyadhMobily – Badiah Flagship1
RiyadhMobily – Al-Dabab Centre, Al-Dabab St.1
RiyadhMobily – Al-Sahafa Dist, Ans Bin Malek St.1
RiyadhMobily – Al Nokba Center “Badiea”1
RiyadhMobily – Rawdah Flagship1
RiyadhMobily – Om Al Hamam, Prince Nawaf Bin Abdulaziz St.1
RiyadhMobily – Quortoba Front Panda1
RiyadhMobily – King Khalid Airport Kkia Terminal 51
RiyadhMobily – Al Takhassusi Flagship1
RiyadhMobily – Al Naseem- Saad Ibin Abi Waqas (40 St.)1
RiyadhMobily – Granada1
RiyadhMobily – Al Shefa 60 St1
RiyadhMobily – Al-Emam Abdullaziz Ban Mohammed Road1
RiyadhAl Nuzhah District, Othman Bin Affan St.Spar Market1
RiyadhAl-Baher Al-Motawast St.1
RiyadhDahrat Laban ( Wadi Laban )1
RiyadhAbu Al Aswad Alduali1
RiyadhAl Mansourah Al Hamara Plaza1
RiyadhAl Monisyiah District, Al Sahaba St Near To Themar Supermarket1
RiyadhAl-Morrabaa District, Pr. Abdullah Bin Galway St.1
RiyadhRabwa District, Pr. Moteb Bin A. Aziz1
RiyadhIshbilyah Dist., Exit 9 Emam Saud Street 
RiyadhAl-Othem Hypermarket Al-Morouj District1
RiyadhAl Nahda District Salman Al Farsi St.1
RiyadhIrqah, Al Khuzama & As Safarat1
RiyadhAl-Mansoura District Kathmary St1
RiyadhVillaggio Mall Batha1
RiyadhManfouha, 60st.1
RiyadhAl-Azizah District Main Street1
RiyadhAndalous District,1
RiyadhAs Saadah District, Abu Ubaydah Amir Ibn Al Jarrah St.1
RiyadhAl Sulimanyah District, Prince Mamduh St.1
RiyadhExit 2, Turki Alawal St, Al Nakhil Al Gharbi District1
RiyadhBilal Bin Rubah Street – Tuwaiq District1
RiyadhAl-Malz Sistrect, Salah Aldien St.1
RiyadhAl-Nazeem District, Al-Taroth St.1
RiyadhTauak District, Al Groub Communication Mall Exit 301
RiyadhAl Shefa St.1
RiyadhMursalat Area – In Front Of Mursulat Center1
RiyadhAl Qaser Mall Al Swidi1
RiyadhRiyadh Gallery1
RiyadhAl Nakheel Mall Exit 91
RiyadhHayat Mall King Abdullah St1
RiyadhYarmook Dist1
RiyadhExit 14 , Ahmed Bin Hanbal St .1
RiyadhPanorama Mall King Abdullah St1
RiyadhAs Suwaidi, Ad Duraihimiyah & Shubra East1
RiyadhAbu Baker Al Seddik – Al Mursalat District1
RiyadhKhurais Othaim Mall1
RiyadhC4 Building1
RiyadhAlharith Bin A Bdullah St, Al Nadwa1
RiyadhAdh Dhubat & Al Wazarat1
RiyadhOthem Mall Estern Ring Road Exit 141
RiyadhAl Aziza Beside Al Anma`A Bank1
RiyadhAl Hamra Mall King Abdullah St Kiosk1
RiyadhAl Ulaya South Tahliah & West Fahed1
RiyadhAr Raid & Umm Al Hamam Al Gharbi1
RiyadhKing Abdulaziz Rd. Al Maseef District1
RiyadhUthman Ibn Affan Branch Rd, Al Falah District1
RiyadhExit 17 – Senaya1
RiyadhPr. Bandar Bin Abdul Aziz Rd.1
RiyadhAbdullah Ibn Masud St, An Nasim Al Gharbi District1
RiyadhMohammad Bin Ismaeel Al Sanani, Al Khaleej District1
RiyadhNajm Ad Din Al Ayyubi St. Al Ghorob District1
RiyadhAl-Hayah Center – Al-Moroj District1
RiyadhAl Wurud1
RiyadhUthman Ibn Affan Rd, An Narjis District, Al Tamimi Supermarket1
RiyadhHassan Ibn Thabit St. An Nasim Ash Sharqi1
RiyadhAbu Baker Al Seddik North- Narjs District Tamami Supermarket1
RiyadhRiyadh Front Airport Road1
Sabt Al AlayaMobily – Main Market For Mobiles In The Area (Al’alayah Plaza)1
SabyaSarwat Mall1
SabyaMobily – In Front Of The Sabya Girls College1
SafawMobily – In Front Of First Secondary School1
SafwaFarm Markets -Orobah District1
SaihatPanda Khalij Rd.1
SakakaJouf Region Passports2
SakakaCivil Affairs1
SakakaJouf Mall1
SakakaMobily – Transportation St. Infront Of Ministry Of Al-Awqaf1
SakakaMobily – Al-Shalhob District – Main Sq. Beside King Abdul Aziz St.1
SakakaMobily – El Souk District-King Fahd Street.1
SamtahJouri Mall1
SamtahMobily – Samtah Mfbo1
Sarat AbidahPassports1
ShaqraAl Basaten Mall1
ShaqraaIntersection Of King Abdullah & King Saud Street1
SharorahAlshwaier Mall1
SharorahMobily – Omar Ebin Al-Khatab St. In Front Of Bank Al-Riyadh1
SihatMobily – King Abdulaziz Rd, Alfrdous1
SulayyilAl-Mohamed District1
Surat AbeedaMobily – Najran Rd. Front Of Ncb1
TabarjalMobily – Yarmouk St. Or Etisalat Str. Front Of Civilian Force1
TabukCivil Affairs (Women)1
TabukPrince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz International Airport1
TabukSanabil Mall1
TabukTabuk Park1
TabukMobily – Tabuk Flagship1
TabukMobily – Al Azizzya Al Jadidah1
TabukMobily – Sultana Robin Pr. Fahd Bin Sultan St, Ibin Nufail Building1
TabukMobily – Tabouk Park1
TabukMobily – Al Mrooj Front Of Bazai Mosque1
TabukMobily – Ar Rawdah,Al Qadsiyyah,Ar Rajihi1
TabukMobily – Airport Rd. Saudi Holandi Bank & I2 Retail Shop1
TabukMobily – Al Hukair Mall1
TaifTa’if Regional Markets1
TaifTaif’s Heart Mall2
TaifJoury Mall2
TaifAl Raya Supermarkets1
TaifMobily – Taif Flagship1
TaifMobily – King Khalid Road – Opposite Of Stc & Zain1
TaifMobily – Shehaar St. Altaif Mall)1
TaifMobily – Taif, Obaikan Mall1
TaifMobily – Taif, Obaikan Mall1
TaifMobily – Jori Mall Kiosk1
TaifMobily – Airport Road1
TanomahMobily – Main St (Abha Rd.) Beside Al-Salamah Plaza1
TarootMobily – Taroot,Main Road, Behind Riyadh Bank.1
TaymaMobily – King Abdulaziz Street, Opposite Rajhi Bank1
TaymaTayma – Alrayat Market1
ThadiqHammad Market1
ThoqbahMobily – Intersection Of Mekkah St & 10 St. Beside Stc1
ThoqbahMobily – Mekkah St. Beside Stc Cbo1
ThuwalKing Abdullah University Of Science And Technology1
TuraifMobily – 20 St. Infront Of The Green Wing Residential Suites1
TurubahAs Salam Mall1
TurubahMobily – Main St. Social Security Building1
Uglat AsugourHyper Salty1
UmlujMobily – Main St. Between Al Rajhi Bank And Riyadh Bank1
UmlujCivil Affairs1
UnaizahUnaizah Mall (Gate 1)1
UnaizahPanda – Mohammed Al Hamad Shibely Rd.1
UnaizahTamimi Markets (Zami Al Abdullah As Salim St.)1
Uyun Al JawaPassports1
Wadi Ad-DawasirPassports1
Wadi Al DawasirMain Street, Al Khamaseen District.1
Wadi Bani HashbalMobily – Main Rd. Beside The Rajhi Bank1
YanbuAl Danah Mall1
YanbuYanbu Mall1
YanbuMobily –  Abu Baker Al Sedeeq St1
YanbuMobily – Yanbou Al-Bahr – Royal District (Al Bustan Center)1
YanbuMobily – Dana Mall1
YanbuMobily – King Abdul Aziz St.1
YanbuMobily – Ali Bin Abi Talib St. Alsharbatli District1

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