Does Windows 10 Come With Word?

Does Windows 10 Come With Word

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The latest version of Windows 10 does come with a word processor, but not the Microsoft Word you may have been expecting. It comes with a host of new features, including some exclusive to Windows Mixed Reality headsets and a few that we’ve seen before in the Edge browser. 

So, if your windows 10 doesn’t come with a word, how can you use Microsoft word without buying a Microsoft account? Please be with us. 

How Do You Get Microsoft Word for Free on Windows 10?

Generally, the Microsoft Office charge starts at $70 per year. But here, we share a few easy tricks to use without paying.  

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  • Use an Online Office

You can use the Microsoft Office applications in a web browser without any cost. The problem is it can’t work offline. To access the free web apps, you have to sign in to Microsoft with a free account. And then you click your needle application like- word, excel, or PowerPoint.

  • One Month Free Trial Version

If you need a word application for a short time, then you can choose a one-month free trial version of Microsoft Office. To get it, you have to try an office for free websites and sign up for the trial version. This trial version provides you full access to use Microsoft Office 365 all applications.

  • Can Use Free Office as a Student or Teacher.

Most of the Educational Institutions buy the Office application plan. And allow it to be accessible for all students and teachers.

  • Alternative Free MS Office
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If you are still finding the alternative way to get a free Microsoft Office, then LibreOffice, Apple iWork, and Google Docs are free and open source.  

What are the Alternatives to Microsoft Office?

If you don’t want to use the Office application but want to like it most, then this is for you-

Use “My Office app” or “Officeapp of Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with my office app, an online version of  Microsoft Word according to its all applications. Recently released its latest version of the office app. Everyone can use this office app according to any office version. Also can freely use the office online.  

Let’s get to know what things you would do with this office app-

1. Now you can enjoy Microsoft Office without installing it and can access supper fastly. Just install the official app.

2. The office app comes with a list of all applications of Microsoft Word according to tutorials and links, which one helps you know with details. You can open any application in one place. So, you can easily access your document and save time.

You can choose any method whose one you comfort. So, enjoy the word application in windows 10.

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