How To Upload Vaccine Certificate To MOH Website Doses Obtained From Outside KSA?

Upload Vaccine Certificate To MOH Website

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MOH Vaccine Registration

A vaccine certificate obtained from outside KSA needs to be uploaded to the MOH website in order for the dosing of vaccines required for children, women, and men to be provided by the state. But how?

Requirements to Upload Vaccine Certificate To MOH Website

You can now upload your Vaccine Certificate (VC) to the MOH website. However, before uploading vaccine certificates to the MOH website make sure that the following terms are correct.

  • It must be in PDF format and not exceed 1 MB in size.
  • Personal information must be correct and specified in the vaccination certificate.
  • The certificate language must be in Arabic or English. Or translated into Arabic.
  • The vaccination certificate should be available with the name and date. Also, the vaccine batch number is impotent.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has taken a serious step to enforce the new requirements for its citizenship applications. 

This means that applicants will have to submit copies of their passports and vaccination certificates with their application.

To Complete Registration, Visit the following Link:

Note: You can still upload the new one while the old one is still being processed. This is known as “pending state”. Some may take up to five working days to be processed.

The Saudi Arabian Health Authority has approved the following vaccines to protect Saudi citizens against various diseases:

  1. Pfizer-BioNTech
  2. Moderna
  3. Oxford-AstraZeneca
  4. And Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen
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