How to Change Mobile Number for Tahweel Al Rajhi Card?

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Al Rajhi Bank provides its customers with many ways to transfer funds to and from the country. Some of these are through telephone banking, internet banking, mobile banking, or even by ATM withdrawals. But if you want to send money from abroad and you don’t have an Al Rajhi account yet, then you need to update your mobile number first before transferring funds.

To update the mobile number on your Tahweel Al Rajhi card, you need to follow these steps:

If you have not yet set any mobile number to your Al Rajhi card, then you are not required to call customer care. You can visit the Al Rajhi ATM to Update your Mobile Number as following below: 

  1. Call Toll Free Number:8001190088” (The Calling Number Should be the same that you want to set on your remittance card).
  2. To Change Language: For Urdu Select “3”
  3. For prepaid card service: Select “1”
  4. Now type your 19 digit card nubmer or Iqama Number
  5. Enter your ATM 4 Digit PIN
  6. Now tell your old number and Request to Remove the Old Number.

As soon as you remove the old number, you can now visit any Al Rajhi ATM to update your new number.

  1. After enter your Card to ATM Machine, then select option “Other Operations”
  1. Now Select from the secondary Menu Option “Add/Change Mobile Number”
  1. Here’s you need to select option “Agree”
  1. To Change your mobile number select option “Yes”
  1. Now, Type your mobile number without any mistakes. 
  1. Finally, Press the “Confirm” button 

Once you press the confirm button, as soon as you receive an SMS on your mobile phone. 

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