How to arrange the parts and systems in a computer?

to arrange the parts and systems in a computer

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To arrange the parts and systems in a computer is an electronic machine that can work automatically under the control of a computer program. The computer classifies into two main machine types according to their size. Bus machines and minicomputers are small in size, while supercomputers, mainframe computers are large. The computer system contains five major parts systems. They are input device, output device, processing device, storage devices and communication devices. The computer can be classified into three types depending on its storage device. They are data-driven machine, instruction-driven machine faculty of humankind. Read More: An automated computer program

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To arrange the parts and systems in a computer part:

The major component of a computer system is called part of the computer. The computer has five main parts that are input device, output device, processing device, storage devices, and communication devices. Read More: How Much Memory Usage Is Normal When the Pc Is Idle?

Input Device:

The input device is an external device that helps to communicate with the computer. There are some input devices such as keyboard, mouse etc. An input device is also called a human-to-computer interface, also known as a front-end processor(FEP), because it communicates with the user.

Output Device:

An output device is a device that allows the computer to communicate with the outer world. The computer system has three types of output devices such as visual display units, printers and speakers.

Processing Device: 

A processing unit is called an electronic circuit that receives input from the input devices and performs basic arithmetic operations in a computer system. The processing device is also called a Central Processing Unit(CPU), the main part of a computer system. It controls and coordinates all other parts of a computer.

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Storage Devices:

In a computer system, memory storage devices allow information to be stored permanently or temporarily in the devices such as hard disk drives, CD drives, DVD drives etc. Storage devices are also called secondary storage devices because it stores a large amount of permanent data manner.

Communication Device:

In a computer system, the device used for sharing information from one part to another part of a computer is known as Networking Devices such as hubs, switches, routers etc. Read More: Computer Screen Goes Black But Can Still Hear Sound.

In Conclusion:

In a computer, all computer parts are associated with each other and have a hierarchical relationship. The main purpose is to store, retrieve and process data using input devices where it provides us output devices for communication with the user.

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