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STC pay to Mobily Pay

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Sending money from STCPay to MobilyPay a pretty easy . Following a few steps yourself can transfer balance from STC Pay to Mobly Pay for free. However, the same way also you can transfer balance From Mobily Pay to STC Pay. 

How to Transfer money from STC Pay to Mobily Pay?

It’s important to read the below steps, so you can transfer the balance From STCPay to MobilyPay or MobilyPay to STCPay. Let’s check below Steps:

Steps #1: 

  1. Open STC Pay account 
  2. Click the ‘Cards’ Options from the below menu.
  3. Tap ‘Card Info’ and your fingerprints or Password to view the Card Info.
  4. Copy the details such as a Card Number, Expiration date and CVV.

Steps #2

  1. Open Mobily Pay Account.
  2. Click ‘+Add Money’ Option on the top.
  3. Select Payment Method ‘Debit or Credit Card’ From the pop-up list below.
  4. Now click ‘+Add New Card’ Option.
  5. Enter the card details ‘Select the Visa’ and write the card short name on the top.
  6. Click ‘Save Card’ Green Button.
  7. On 3D Source enter your STC Pay card number, expiry date, Card holder name and CVV which you may copy in the first steps.
  8. Click the ‘Register Now’ Button.
  9. ‘Enter OTP’ that you receive on your mobile.

Steps #3

  1. To Add Money Select ‘Visa Card’ and Continue.
  2. Enter Amount that you may transfer.
  3. Confirm details Click the ‘Confirm’ button.
  4. In the authorized transaction ‘Please enter passcode to verify your account.
  5. Again Enter STC Pay card CVV and click ‘Pay Now’ Button.
  6. Enter ‘OTP Code’ that you receive on your mobile phone.
  7. Finally you succeed to add money to your mobily wallet from STC Pay.
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In conclusion, If you have any questions for the above steps you may ask me in the comment below. Thank you!

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