Why is stc pay not working? 6 Common Problems and Solutions

STC Pay not working

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STC Pay, a popular digital wallet service in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). It has 10M+ downloads with 4.5 rating and 128K+ reviews in the play store. However, like any other digital wallets, users may sometimes have issues that users can’t access. In this article, we will explore the reasons why STC Pay may not work, what to do in such situations:

Why is STC Pay not working? 

Several factors could contribute to STC Pay not functioning properly. 

  1. Location not found: Its common issues, sometimes we forget to enable location while installing new Apps in our phone. In this case you need to enable location from your mobile settings. 

However, if youโ€™re in the remote areas, then STC Pay can’t track your location. At this time you can’t access your STC Pay wallet. 

  1. VPN: Never use VPN while using STCPay. Most digital wallets are not allowed to use VPN such as a STC Pay. If you connect to the VPN on your mobile, Please disconnect the VPN and try again to open STC Pay. 
  1. Poor Network: Make sure your mobile has good internet connection. Poor Network connection can be one of the reasons for your STC Pay apps not working.
  1. Update the App: Ensure your STC Pay Application is up to date. You can update your STC Pay Apps by visiting the Google play store. 
  1. Address: All STC Pay users must be needed to update their current address. To update your address, please visit the profile information on the STC Pay account.
  1. ID Verification: To complete registration  your digital wallet you need to submit your ID iqama number. However, you need to complete fillup of customer information from. Make sure that information is always kept confidential and used only for complaint purposes. 
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If you still have an issue on your STC pay account, you may need to contact STCPay customer service. The STC Pay customer service number is  800 118 0008.  

What to do if STC Pay is not working?

If STCPay is not working, check Internet Connection, location enable, disconnect VPN, update the App and Clear your Mobile Cache or Contact Customer Support that can assist your wallet troubleshoot specific problems.

Can I Have STC Pay Without an STC Number?

Yes, STC Pay is not exclusive to STC (Saudi Telecom Company) subscribers. Any resident or visitor in Saudi Arabia can register for and use STC Pay, regardless of their telecom service provider.

What are the Alternatives to STC Pay?

There are several alternatives to STC Pay available for digital transactions in Saudi Arabia. The popular alternatives are:

What is the Maximum Limit per Day for STC Pay?

The maximum limit for monthly transactions on STC Pay may vary based on the user’s transaction history. Users can check their app or contact customer support to confirm their specific limits.

What is the STC Pay Helpline for KSA?

For assistance with STC Pay-related issues, users in Saudi Arabia can contact the STC Pay helpline by 800 118 0008 or by visiting the official STCPay Application for live support.


While STC Pay has simplified digital wallet for many, occasional issues may arise. To know common problems and their solutions, ensuring account details are up-to-date. If your problems can’t solve yourselfs, reaching out to STC Pay’s customer support is the key to resolving issues efficiently.

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