Mobily Internet Packages With Activation Code In 2023

Mobily Internet Packages With Activation Code

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In Saudi Arabia, Mobily is one of the leading mobile service providers. It offers a wide range of mobile internet packages with different data limits and validity periods. You can choose a package according to your needs and budget.

In order,  to subscribe to a package, you will need an activation code. All codes are given below. you can activate the package by entering it in the following codes.

The activation process is simple and takes only a few minutes. Once it is done, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the package you have chosen.

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How To Check Mobily Internet Package?

Mobily, one of the leading telecom providers in Saudi Arabia offers exclusive daily deals for its subscribers. To avail of the offer, customers can dial *6060# from their mobile phones or call customer care at 1100 and press 1

The best part is that the offer is different for each subscriber, which means that you get a personalized deal every day! 

Whether it is discounts on your bill, free data usage, or free minutes, there is something for everyone. So, don’t miss out on this incredible offer, and make sure to check back every day for a new deal.

Mobily Internet Packages with calls and Social Media Data

If you are a prepaid customer of Mobily KSA and are looking for an internet package that includes calls and social media data, then this table is for you. These plans are specifically designed for prepaid customers of Mobily KSA.

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DataSocial MediaCallActivationPrice
1 GB1 GB100 minSend 30 to 1100SAR 30
5 GB5 GB500 minSend 75 to 1100SAR 75
20 GB25 GB1500 minSend 110 to 1100SAR 110
55 GBUnlimited2250 minSend 150 to 1100SAR 150
81 GBUnlimitedUnlimitedSend 180 to 1100SAR 180
100 GBUnlimitedUnlimitedSend 220 to 1100SAR 220
UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedSend 360 to 1100SAR 360


It is now possible to cancel the automatic renewal of your subscription by adding ‘0’ to your activation SMS code. To do this, simply send a message to 1100 with the code included. This will stop your subscription from being automatically renewed, and you will need to manually renew it if you wish to continue using the service.

Mobily Prepaid Internet Short Packages

DataSocial MediaLocal CallValidityActivationPrice
UnlimitedUnlimited50 min1 DaySend 20 to 1100SAR 20
2 GB2 GB100 min1 WeekSend 25 to 1100SAR 25

Note: The price without VAT.

Mobily Prepaid Internet SIM Packages

To purchase a Mobily KSA Data SIM, visit the nearst Mobily office or any of its authorized retailers. Be sure to have your passport or IQAMA handy, as you’ll need to provide a copy of your ID when you sign up for service.

Here’s a quick overview of Mobily’s prepaid Internet SIM packages:

DataValiditySIM Price
10 GB3 MonthSAR 200
50 GB2 MonthSAR 250
20 GB3 MonthSAR 260
100 GB3 MonthSAR 375
Unlimited1 MonthSAR 379.5
300 GB3 MonthSAR 525

Mobily Social Media Packages

Social MediaValidityActivationPrice
Unlimited1 Day*441#SAR 4
Unlimited1 Week*447#SAR 20
Unlimited1 Month*440#SAR 60


To deactivate Mobily’s social media packages, customers can send an SMS with the code 0440 to the number 1100. This will deactivate the social media package immediately.

Mobily Borrow Credit / Loan Packages

If you’re running low on balance for either calls or the internet, Mobily has a plan to help. For a small fee, you can take out a loan/credit for the amount you need. This will be deducted from your next recharge.

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300 MB for 7 Days (SAR 10)*403#
SAR 5*405#
SAR 30*430#


Dial *400# To check Mobily credit/loan balance.

Mobily KSA Internet Packages With Activation Code

Mobily KSA Internet Packages for both prepaid and postpaid customers are now available. The below-given packages are for both light and heavy users:

DataValidityActivation CodeCancel Auto RenewPrice with VAT
150 MB15 DaysSend 750 to 1100750SAR 5.75
500 MB15 DaysSend 5100 to 11005102SAR 17.25
1 GB30 DaysSend 6100 to 11006102SAR 34.5
2 GB30 DaysSend 7200 to 11007202SAR 57.5
5 GB30 DaysSend 7300 to 11007302SAR 86.25
10 GB30 DaysSend 7050 to 11007052SAR 109.25
45GB + 45GB YouTube30 DaysSend 6300 to 11006302SAR 155.25
100 GB30 DaysSend 7080 to 11007082SAR 184
10 GB90 DaysSend 6070 to 11006072SAR 189.75
50 GB60 DaysSend 7090 to 11007092SAR 241.5
20 GB90 DaysSend 8200 to 11008202SAR 253
50 GB90 DaysSend 8070 to 11008072SAR 299
100GB + 125GB YouTube90 DaysSend 8080 to 11008082SAR 368
Unlimited30 DaysSend 4930 to 11004932SAR 373.75
300 GB90 DaysSend 300 to 1100SAR 517.5
600 GB180 DaysSend 606 to 1100SAR 1035


Looking to cancel your automatic renewal? No problem! Just send the Cancel Auto-Renewal code to 1100 and you’ll be all set.

How to Check Mobily Internet Balance?

In order to check your balance with Mobily, all you need to do is send a text message with the number 4 in it to 1411. That’s it! You should receive a reply back from Mobily with your current balance information.

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