How To Transfer Load Mobily To Mobily?

If you are looking for how to transfer load from Mobily to Mobily, you have come to the right place. You can easily and quickly transfer load from one Mobily to another by following these simple methods: 

Transfer Load Mobily To Mobily (Two Methods)

Method One: Dial *123*Mobile Number*Amount# Then press the CALL key. For example: *123*056???????*10# As soon as you receive an SMS that transfer credit has been successful. Also, the credit reviver will get another message for new credit received. The service is free of charge and available only for Mobily prepaid subscribers.

Method Two: Dial a Mobily transfer code *123# and then follow an interactive menu to complete transfer load Mobily to Mobily.

This service is not required to be activated. Make sure you have enough money more than 10 SAR to be transferred.

The maximum amount you can transfer per day is 100 SAR, and the minimum amount you can transfer per transaction is -5 SAR. The maximum amount you can transfer per transaction is -20 SAR, and the maximum number of transactions you can do per day is The amount you transfer should be a multiple of-5.

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