How To Keep Ps3 From Overheating?

How To Keep Ps3 From Overheating?

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Do you own a PS3? There’s no doubt that playing games on the PS3 are really fun. But it’s not pleasing if the machine is overheating. It is pretty common to see people complaining that their PS3 is overheating after a few years of good performance. 

That is the reason we have come up with a solution to keep the PS3 safe from overheating. Follow our guide below to avoid having an overheating issue on your PS3.

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 Probable Reasons Of PS3 Overheating

 1. Lack of ventilation: If you use your PS3 in an area with no ventilation facility, It can cause overheating issues.

2. Lack of airflow: If there’s not enough ambient airflow around the PS3, it’s likely to cause a heating issue.

3. Filth and dirt buildup: If the buildup of dust and dirt in the air vent of your PS3 could be the major reason for it overheating during gaming.

Solutions Of Keeping PS3 From Overheating

1. Doing routine clean-up and maintenance: Every once in a week or two, the PS3 must be cleaned by cleaning brushes. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean up any dust in the PS3’s body.

Make sure that no dust is built upon the body of the PS3 to facilitate enough airflow from the inside to the outside. Since the exhaust fans transfer heat to the atmosphere, the air intake vents must be clean and not jammed.

 2. We recommend using cooling pads with external fans: We recommend using a cooling pad with multiple external fans. Laptop users use these kinds of cooling pads to keep their laptops cool.

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Using the model PS3 on the cooling pad will ensure that it receives enough airflow to get rid of the extra heat generated. As the machine runs very high graphics games, It quickly gets hot and needs to let the heat out from its body.

If there’s constant airflow around its body, the hot air can quickly go away. And, cold air replaces the hot air immediately, thus, providing a cooling effect to the model PS3.

3. Facilitating ample space for the PS3: It is recommended that there be at least 10 inches of a gap from each side of the PS3 body to its surroundings. Having enough physical gap helps the airflow to carry the heat energy out of the PS3 body.

 If that is enough space around the PS3 body, there’s less chance of air blockage to its internal air vents. That is why keeping enough space around the PS3 is a must if you want to keep your PS3 from overheating.

4. Relentless usage: Every machine has a certain limit of capability of providing continuous service. The PS3 is generally fit for giving ten continuous hours of gaming performance. Using it for longer than that at a time can permanently damage it and cause overheating issues. 

So, we recommend that you use your PS3 more gently instead of keeping it on throughout the whole daytime.

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