How to check Jawwy Balance?

Jawwy balance Check Procedure:

Jawwy is a new digital mobile operator behind Saudi telecom company (STC). They are providing very cheap internet and unique offers. However, a lot of Jawwy customers don’t know how to check jawwy balance. In this article, I will show you an easy process to check jawwy SIM balance.

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What is Jawwy?

Jawwy is another STC digital mobile plan. This is the first digital service working through an app. Using an app the jawwy customer can check their balance, data plan, SMS, and internet offer.

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How to check jawwy balance using an app?

There is no dialing code or SMS to check jawwy SIM balance.  To check jawwy SIM balance and billing history, you need to download an app from PlayStore or iTunes. Also, you can check the internet packages and remaining data balance.

Once you open the app, you can see your remaining balance on the app screen. Click “more” to check your purchasing history,  click on “history” now you can see your purchasing history. Click on “billing” here you can see your transaction history.

Do you know how to check Jawwy number? There is no dialing number or SMS to check Jawwy number. However, you can check your jawwy number through an application. Open the app and scroll down, you can find your jawwy number in the manage devices section. 

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