How to Make a Wooden Slide Slippery? Best 5 Methods

How to Make a Wooden Slide Slippery

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Sliding games give us lots of fun. It increases both our skills- physically and mentally. But when we talk about wooden slides, it will get rough and slow. It is the cause of danger. So, it is more critical to keep slides slippery. Let’s know how we make wooden slides slippery step by step.

Method 1: Using Olive Oil

Olive oil is the most environmentally friendly and easy way to make your wood slide slippery. By applying it will help your slide to overcome the wooden roughness. Another advantage is lower chances of getting your child’s clothes stained after using olive oil.

Method 2: Do Lamination

Your wooden slides are slippery depending on their lamination quality. If your wooden slide has not come with a laminate finishing, then it will be rough. And you are not enjoying the game. So, fastly install it.

Method 3: Sanding and Waxing

Sanding and waxing is a temporary solution to keep your wooden slide slippery. If you don’t use it regularly, then the wooden slide will be rough. And also need to be monitored regularly. But if you are so busy and don’t spend time applying another method, you can apply it easily.

Method 4: Fixing the Perfect Angle of Your Slide

Slide games give lots of fun because of the phenomena of gravity, according to science. That means the angle is the most important fact for your slide. How faster your child will slide it will depend on its angle.

Method 5: Use the Best Materials to Make a Wooden Slide Slippery 

If you want to keep your slide slippery and safe for your child, then make sure to put in the best materials on it. We recommended using plywood. Because it provided strong support and also lamination Fridley. This feature ensures your child’s safety. If possible laminate would be stainless steel. It will keep your wooden slide slippery all the time. Keep your slide clean. You can clean it with a disk shop, water, and scrubber.

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By following any method, expect your wooden slide to keep slippery and don’t need any major repairs.

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