Passenger’s Health Declaration Form For Bangladeshi Travelers In 2023

Passenger's Health Declaration Form For Bangladeshi Travelers

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The Passenger’s Health Declaration Form For Bangladeshi Travelers is a document that is used to provide information about the health of passengers traveling to Bangladesh. The form is used to collect information about the passenger’s current health status, travel history, and any previous medical conditions. The form is used to help the Bangladeshi authorities to make sure that the passenger is healthy and does not pose a risk to public health.

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The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh requires all passengers entering the country through ground crossings, seaports, or airports to fill out a health screening form. All information collected will be kept confidential and used for public health purposes only.

Form filling prior

If you are planning to travel to Bangladesh, it is important to fill out the Health Declaration Form ahead of time. The form should be filled out within 72 hours prior to your departure time. This will ensure that you have all the necessary information in order to travel.

However, the form is not necessary for kids of twelve or less years old.

Vaccines Quota

The traveler, their vaccines must have two doses to be considered complete, with the exception of Janssen (Jhonson & Jhonson). Janssen (Jhonson & Jhonson) is the only vaccine that is considered complete with just one dose.

The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MHFW) has made it mandatory for all citizens to get the vaccine against the novel coronavirus. 

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However, there are a few people who are yet to receive the vaccine. In order to ensure that everyone is protected against the virus, the government has made it mandatory for all those who have not yet been vaccinated to fill out a RT-PCR negative form. This form will be required in order to travel within the country.

How To Register Health Declaration Form

This form is required for all travelers entering Bangladesh, and it must be completed prior to arrival.

Here’s what you need to know about registering a Health Declaration Form:

Health declaration form link

Step 1: Fill in your Personal Information such as your name, passport number, nationality, country code, gender, email (If you have any), phone number, and date of birth as per passport. The form you can fill in English or Bangla.

Step 2: Fill in your Travel Information such as a mode of travel, country of origin of travel, date of travel, flight number, seat number, and departure date from the country of travel. 

Step 3: Fill in your permanent address in Bangladesh such as a village/town name, district name, Upazila/thana, road number (if have one), house number, and local phone number.

Step 4: Finally, Fill covid-19 information

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