Hajj packages 2023 – Things you need to know before applying

Hajj packages 2022

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Are you thinking of going on Hajj in 2022? If so, you’ll want to read this article carefully as it will list all the essential things that you need to know before applying. We’ve put together a list of 7 trends that will impact pilgrimage 2022, and it’s important that you’re prepared for everything that might happen. Check it out below!

What to Know Before Purchasing A Hajj Packages 2022

In the 2021 Hajj, Saudi Arabia Allowed only 60 thousand people to perform Hajj with the entirety of the quota selected for Saudi citizens and valid Iqama holders.

However, Hajj for 2022 is expected to be open to individuals from around the world and going through a Saudi government.

This year, a record number of pilgrims will be performing the Hajj – one million foreign and domestic pilgrims have been authorized by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. This is an exciting opportunity for Muslims from all over the world to gather in Mecca and perform one of the most important Islamic rituals.

Below are some of the preliminary regulations that have been released by the Saudi Arabian authority with regard to Hajj packages in 2022:

Requirements For Hajj 2022

Are you planning to participate in Hajj this year? If so, you’ll need to make sure that you’re prepared for the requirements For Hajj 2022.

Saudi Citizenship and residency are eligible Must have a National Card and valid Iqama Must be able to perform the Hajj.

However, If you are a non-Saudi citizen and wish to participate in Hajj, Then fulfill the following requirements:

  • Documents: No Saudi Citizen must have a valid passport or Valid Iqama and Citizenship must have a Saudi National Card.
  • Age: 18 to 65 years old.
  • Diseases: No HIV/AIDS No major diseases (heart attack, stroke) Must be able to walk.
  • ย Immune status: Must have an Immune status negative confirmed by the Tawakkalna app
  • Pilgrimage: Must not have performed hajj within the previous 5 years.

PCR Test Required for Hajj Pilgrims

As the world continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries are taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of their citizens. One of these precautions is requiring negative COVID-19 PCR test results from pilgrims coming from outside the Kingdom.

This requirement ensures that anyone coming into the Kingdom is not carrying the virus and potentially exposing others to it. The 72-hour time frame is in place to ensure that the test results are as accurate as possible.

Also, we would highly recommend that you check out the Saudi Arabian Embassy’s website. It will provide information regarding what exactly your requirements going/have been for carrying it out of the country.

Requirements For Citizenship and residency

Requirements for Citizenship and residency vary depending on the country you are looking to move to. However, there are a few common requirements that almost all countries require. 

  • Non-citizenship includes having a valid passport.
  • Saudi Citizens must have a valid National Card.
  • Saudi Arabia’s foreign workers Must have a valid Iqama

Procedure to Apply For Your Hajj Online

Once you’re ready for your Hajj package, you need to apply for your hajj permit online. First, visit the Local Hajj registration and click “register” then complete the online form including the health and safety terms and select “I Agree”.

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However, the procedure to enter your personal details including your name, national ID ( passport number), date of birth, and the address where you wish to stay. Once done submit it as per the steps assigned on the website then wait for confirmation SMS of registration code provide your registered mobile number to verify.

Note: If you’re unable to apply for the hajj package online describe the requirements after completion of registration and register offline. Example procedures for citizens from countries authorized travel agencies to complete applying hajj.

After registering online follow the link to enter details as instructed by the system and if you’re not able to select “back” then again click on “register”, next will be another page in which it is put up that your application has been received by authorities however information needs more time for verification so this process takes three (3) working days.

Visa Application & Payment Forms

You can submit Payment & Checklist forms, including details you will receive after registration (SMS) for processing. These are available in Arabic to download from the  Local Hajj website and an English version is also available.

Make sure the countries authorized agencies for Hajj and Umrah have sent e-visa information verification and confirmation of registration as required documents.

Authorized Hajj And Umrah Agencies

If you’re going to travel alone, it is recommended that you contact agencies who are fully trusted and reliable. Which has a history of assistance to many applicants for their services in repatriation more than any other agency. There are list has been provided:

SL#AgenciesAddressContact InfoEmail Address
1.American Hajj Union Inc.2141 Wisconsin Ave, NW First Floor Ste #C2, Washington, DC 20007(202) 737-1115[email protected]
2.Miraj Travel and Tours LLC2141 900 S, Washington St, Ste #118, Falls Church, VA 22046-4040(571) 338-5053
(703) 534-0002
Fax: (703) 534-4403
[email protected]
3.Rendezvous Travel5881 Leesburg Pike, Ste 100, Falls Church, VA 22041(703) 931-6000[email protected]
4.Adam Travel2323 South Voss Rd., Houston, TX 77057(713) 532-7222[email protected]
5.Al-Haram2704 West Peterson Ste #101, Chicago IL 60659
9372 Ballard Rd., Chicago, IL 60016
(773) 387-5268[email protected], [email protected]
6.Arafat2340 Robin Lane Elign, Chicago, IL 60123(847) 373-6309[email protected]
7.Continents Travel Center5711 Hillcroft Ste #B3-B Houston, TX 77036(713) 334-8888[email protected]
8.Dar El Salam2250 Gray Falls Dr. Ste #214 Houston, TX 77077(281) 679-9333[email protected]
9.Horizon Travel5712 Hillcroft Houston, TX 77036(713) 978-7202[email protected]
10.Hilal Hajj & Umrah2037 Bloomingdale Rd. Ste #205 Glendale Heights Chicago, IL 60139(630) 893-4254[email protected]
11.Makkah Tours & Travel6352 N. Campbell Ave Chicago, IL 60659(773) 338-0720[email protected]
12.Marwa Travel & Tours5847 San Felipe Street Ste #1700 Houston, TX 77057(713) 995-8861[email protected]
13.Royal Travel & Tours11943 Bissonnet Houston, TX 77099(281) 498-1800[email protected]
14.Makkah Travel Agency1421 Park Ave Ste #02, Minneapolis, MN 55404(612) 545-8390N/A

Check Your Hajj registration Status Online

After completing your Hajj registration, you can check your status online by visiting the local hajj registration website.

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login with username and password, click on the submit registration after clicking the “+” icon to add yourself, And after that, enter your ID/Iqama including date of birth.

if you’re registered for the Hajj package this year, you would be able to view your pilgrim package.

Otherwise, you should wait till you receive the pilgrimage package. If your registration is unsuccessful, we’re highly recommended to register again or visit trusted agencies.

Useful Hajj Smart Card

Ministry of Hajj and Umrah launched a Hajj smart card, which enables pilgrims to make transactions electronically.

The Hajj smart card, “Shaaer,” is a new addition this year that includes near-field communication technology (NFC). This allows pilgrims to scan their cards through self-service devices that will be available at the holy sites.

The Hajj smart card offers many services, which are extremely helpful for pilgrims. These services include the pilgrim’s personal, medical, and residential information. This card makes it much easier for pilgrims to keep track of their belongings and makes the whole process much smoother.

The Hajj Smart Card is equipped with a scannable QR code enabling pilgrims to easily and quickly obtain information about the Hajj pilgrimage. The card also allows pilgrims to store their contact information and emergency contacts.

However, The hajj smart card app is able to download, and the app provides pilgrims with information about the Hajj, including a map of the holy sites, a schedule of events, and tips for staying safe.

Include Cheap Hajj Packages 2022

Hajj is one of the most important religious ceremonies in Islam. Every Muslim who is able should perform Hajj at least once in their lifetime. It’s one of the five pillars of Islam and is required in order to be accepted into heaven.

If you’re interested in performing Hajj this year, you’ll want to make sure you have the funds to do so. Here are some of the cheapest Hajj packages included in 2022.

  • Quad Rooms
  • Triple Rooms
  • Double Rooms
  • Package Highlights – TBC
  • Accommodation / Hotels
  • Religious Guide
  • Itinerary

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Is there anything else I should know about this kind of Hajj trip?

Yes, there is! Hajj is one of the most important religious ceremonies in Islam, and it’s a mandatory pilgrimage for all Muslims who are able to afford it. It’s also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and is a great way to see some of the holiest sites in Islam. Here are a few more things you should know about Hajj:

  1. The Hajj is divided into two parts – the ‘Umrah’ and the ‘Hajj’. The ‘Umrah’ is a smaller pilgrimage that can be done at any time, while the ‘Hajj’ is only possible during the annual Islamic month of Ramadan.
  2. During the Hajj, pilgrims are required to perform several rituals including walking around the sacred Ka’aba seven times, offering prayers at Muzdalifah (a place where pilgrims can offer their prayers without having to walk to Mecca), and making sacrificial offerings at Mount Arafat.
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What are the hajj packages for the year 2022?

The hajj packages for the year 2022 are as follows:

  1. Hajj trip to Mecca and Medina – This package includes a hajj trip to Mecca and Medina, which is considered one of the five pillars of Islam. This pilgrimage is mandatory for all Muslims who are physically and financially capable of making the trip.
  2. Umrah – Umrah is a lesser pilgrimage that can be performed at any time of the year. It involves circling the Kaaba, or sacred black stone, in Mecca. The Umrah can be performed individually or as part of a group.
  3. Hajj travel insurance – Make sure you have travel insurance coverage for your Hajj trip, as it can be quite expensive. Health issues, accidents, and other unforeseen events are all possible during this journey, so make sure you are covered! Hope this helps!

How do I choose the best Hajj package?

Hajj is one of the most popular Muslim religious ceremonies. Millions of Muslims from all over the world travel to Mecca, Saudi Arabia every year to perform the pilgrimage. There are a variety of Hajj packages available, but it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you. Here are some key things to consider when choosing a Hajj package:

  1. Duration – The duration of your Hajj package will affect a number of factors, including the number of days you’ll be in Saudi Arabia, the types of tours you’ll take, and the number and type of accommodations you’ll use.
  2. Cost – The cost of a Hajj package will vary based on the number of days included, the type and quality of accommodations and tours, and any extras (such as airport transfers or meals).
  3. Flexibility – Some Hajj packages are very flexible and allow for changes or cancellations without penalty. Others are more rigid and may not allow for many changes or cancellations. It’s important to choose a Hajj package that is comfortable for you and allows for plenty of freedom.
  4. Customization – If you have any special dietary restrictions, allergies, or any other needs that need to be met, be sure to discuss them with your Hajj tour provider in advance. You may be able to have those needs met while on your trip or during your stay in Saudi Arabia.

Can I Travel for Umrah and Hajj with a Tourist Visa?

Yes, you can travel for Umrah and Hajj with a tourist visa. However, you may need to apply for a Hajj and Umrah Visa at the same time, as they are both considered religious trips. The process of applying for a Hajj and Umrah Visa is similar, but there are some important differences that you should be aware of. For example, the Hajj Visa is valid for one trip only, while the Umrah Visa is valid for multiple visits.

Is the Hajj industry ripe for disruption?

The Hajj industry is ripe for disruption, and there are a number of companies that are already profiting from this trend. Here are a few examples:

  1. Hajj Revival – This company provides Hajj-related services such as accommodation, transportation and Visa support.
  2. Hajj Tours – This company specializes in providing Hajj tours to various destinations around the world, including Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, and Turkey.
  3. Hajj Travel – This company offers online booking and booking assistance for Hajj trips.
  4. Hajj Taxi – This company provides taxi services for pilgrims during the Hajj season.


Hajj is one of the most important religious ceremonies in Islam. Muslims perform the Hajj pilgrimage at least once in their lifetime if they are able to afford it. pilgrims spend around $2,000 per person on the whole Hajj experience, which includes travel, accommodation, food, and religious items. 

In this blog, we have compiled all the essential information you need to know about Hajj packages for 2022.

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