The Electrical Manufacturers’ Largest Global Electrical Manufacturers

The Electrical Manufacturers' Largest Global Electrical Manufacturers

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The Electrical Manufacturers’ Largest Global Electrical Manufacturers. The electrical industry has seen an increase in demand for sustainability and green initiatives, partly because of the introduction of new standards like LEED. This blog post will discuss several manufacturers that have been recognized by various organizations due to their dedication to sustainable practices.
The article talks about how these companies are making strides towards being more environmentally friendly and what benefits they experience from it. It also provides a list of some global top-ranked electrical manufacturers with descriptions on why they were selected as one of the world’s best eco-friendly electrical manufacturing companies.

This article can give you ideas about which company would be best suited for your needs if you’re considering ways to make your facility more environmentally friendly.

1# Siemens AG, Munich, Germany

Revenue: $102.5 billion (Company total) 362,000

Siemens AG, Munich, Germany is an engineering company that specializes in electrical and mechanical technology. The Company provides products for power generation, transmission, and distribution as well as automation and control technologies. Siemens has been a leading supplier of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems for the international market since the 1980s. These SCADA systems are used to monitor industrial processes such as natural gas production, oil refining, or chemical plants.

2# ABB, Zurich, Switzerland

Revenue: $41.48 billion 150,000

“ABB is a leading company in the manufacture of products and solutions for sustainable energy, power grids, rail transport, industrial automation, and robotics. As one of the largest engineering companies in Switzerland, ABB employs over 130k people across more than 100 countries worldwide.”

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“On November 16th, 2017 Zurich announced that it has signed an agreement with ABB to collaborate on innovation projects. The collaboration will focus on IoT technologies such as artificial intelligence and autonomous systems.”

3# Schneider Electric, Rueil-Malmaison, France

Revenue: $32.5 billion 152,784

Schneider Electric is one of the world’s largest manufacturers in the energy management and automation sectors. They employ 85,000 people worldwide, with their headquarters located in Rueil-Malmaison, France. The company was founded by a French engineer named Adolphe Schneider. He started his business with an innovative machine that mass-produced electrical distribution boards for Parisian buildings. In 2005 they acquired General Electric’s power conversion division to become the market leader for power conversion solutions and renewable energy technologies. Today, they serve customers worldwide through five major product lines: Power Conversion (AC/DC), Smart Grid Automation (PSA), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Solutions, Building Technologies & Solutions (BTTS) and Data Center Efficiency, etc.

4# Philips Lighting, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Revenue: $11.59 billion 46,890

Philips Lighting is a Dutch company that specializes in LEDs. Philips Lighting, Amsterdam, Netherlands has been around for over 100 years and has successfully launched many LED products on the market today.

Philips Lighting was founded by Anton Philips and his father Frederik. The company originally started as a small family business with just 12 employees in 1891. Today, the company employs more than 10,000 people worldwide and produces 9 out of every 10 light bulbs sold globally.

There are currently 6 distinct divisions within Philips Lighting which include Consumer Luminaires (lighting fixtures), Professional Luminaires (for industrial use), Healthcare Solutions (for medical applications), Architectural Acoustic Solutions, Automotive solutions (including Xenon headlights), and lighting components.

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5# Nexans, Paris, France

Revenue: $9.23 billion 26,000

Nexans is a global manufacturer of cables and power transmission products. It was established in 1834, and the company has been headquartered in Paris since 2006. Nexans is one of the world’s largest industrial cable manufacturers with about 40 production sites worldwide including factories in France, Germany, India, China, Brazil, and North America. The company serves customers in more than 100 countries on five continents. They are committed to meeting needs across all markets by developing innovative technologies that help them to serve their customers better while at the same time reducing their impact on society and the environment; this dedication has helped them be recognized as a World leader for sustainability according to Newsweek magazine readers’ survey 2016-2017 ranking of “World’s Most Sustainable Companies”.

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