How to Add Credit/Debit Card to Apple Pay?

How to add DebitCredit Card to Apple Pay (1)

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Apple Pay has been a great addition to the Saudi banking system. By adding your credit or debit card, you can make payments and use Apple Pay in-store and online. 

However, there are some limitations to how you can add a credit/debit card to Apple Pay in Saudi Arabia. This guide will provide you with the steps needed to do so.

How to add Debit/Credit Card to Apple Pay?

Apple Pay wallet is a secure, contactless payment system that lets you store your debit and credit cards. With the Apple Pay wallet, you can make purchases using your iPhone or Apple Watch at a merchant’s checkout terminal by touching your phone on the pad. Follow these steps to add your Saudi bank card to Apple Pay on your iPhone or Apple Watch.


Once you’ve added a credit or debit card to your iPhone, you can use it to make purchases in select stores with Apple Pay. To set up Apple Pay on your iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Open the Wallet App comes in handy
  • Click the “+” button and sign in from the upper-right corner to add a new piece of content.
  • Use the iPhone’s camera to securely scan the card information on your credit or debit card.
  • Complete Fill in your card’s CVC code provided on the backside card.
  • Accept terms and conditions
  • Enter the code to complete verify, The code will send your mobile SMS from the card issuer bank
  • After you have confirmed that your card has been successfully added to Apple Pay, you can start using it.
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Apple Watch

If you want to use Apple Pay on your Apple Watch, you need to first add your credit or debit card to your Apple Watch. follow these steps:

  • Launch the Apple Watch app on iOS/iPhone.
  • Clice “Wallet & Apple Pay” 
  • Select “Add Credit or Debit Card.”
  • use the iPhone’s camera to scan the bank card information.
  • Type the CVC code on the backside on the card.
  • Accept terms and conditions.
  • Complete Verify by entering code, the code will send your mobile SMS from the card issuer bank. 
  • Now you can start using it.

The Apple Pay Supported Banks Name and Card Issuers in KSA

The following list shows the supported banks and card issuers in Saudi Arabia for Apple Pay.

  1. The Saudi Investment Bank
  2. The Saudi British Bank (SABB).
  3. Saudi National Bank(NCB)
  4. American Express
  5. Alinma Bank
  6. Gulf International Bank-Saudi
  7. Arab National Bank (ANB)
  8. Bank Albilad
  9. Bank Aljazira
  10. Bank Saudi Fransi (BSF)
  11. Hala Bank
  12. Riyad Bank
  13. STC pay
  14. Al Rajhi Bank

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