What Does Word Mean in Texting?

What Does Word Mean in Texting

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Here we share the most used word mean in texting time. Most of the people know this but this article is for those people who are new users of WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook messengers, instant messaging, email, etc for texting. Who doesn’t understand the short messages this article will help those people.

Here we share mostly usable words with the same meaning-

Full WordShort Word
As early as possibleAEAP
As late as possibleALAP
As soon as possibleASAP
Before you know itB4YKI
Best friend foreverBFF
Between me and youBM&Y
Be right BackBRB
Be right thereBRT
Be that as it mayBTAM
Can’t talk nowCTN
Complete waste of timeCWOT
Easy as 123E123
Excuse me?EM?
End of dayEOD
Face to faceF2F
Fingers crossedFC
Friend of a friendFOAF
Hugs and kissesHAK
I Don’t CareIDC
I Don’t knowIDK
I love youILU/ ILY
I miss youIMY
In real lifeIRL
Just kiddingJ/K
Just checkingJC
Just to let you knowJTLYK
Kiss for youKFY
Kill me nowKMN
Keeping parents cluelessKPC
Male or FemaleMoF
May the force be with youMTFBWY
Mind your own businessMYOB
In a WhileN-A-Y-L
Namme, Address, ZIPNAZ
No commentNC
Not in my backyardNIMBY
Never mind/ Nothing muchNM
No problemNP
Not safe for workNSFW
Not that’s in mattersNTIM
Never mindNVM
Oh I seeOIC
Oh my wayOMW
Out to lunchOTL
On the phoneOTP
Parent alertP911
Parents are leasingPAL
Parents are watchingPAW
Parent in roomPIR
Parent over shoulderPOS
Proper RespectPROP
Right NowRN
Are YouRU
See you soonCUS
See you tomorrowCYT
Someone else’s problemSEP
Still in the DarkSITD
Sounds like a planSLAP
Send me an instant messageSAMIM
Significant otherSO
Too much informationTMI
Your/You areUR
Welcome backWB
Will you call me?WYCM
Which you were hereWYWH

WORD is a texting acronym or rap lingo that means “Cool” or “I agree” or “Ok”. 

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