How to update Iqama In Al Rajhi Bank Without Visiting a Branch? [3 Ways]

In KSA,  Iqama is an identity card for every foreigner who wants to live and work in the Kingdom. Iqama should be renewed every year and the process is called Iqama Renewal. The Iqama Renewal is the process of updating your Iqama card with the latest information.

After the renewal of your Iqama, you will need to update your Iqama in Al Rajhi Bank. The process is simple and you can do it by visiting a branch. But there is a process to update your Iqama in Al Rajhi Bank without visiting a branch.

However, In this article, we will show you how to update Iqama in Al Rajhi Bank without visiting a branch.

Update Iqama In Al Rajhi Bank Without Visiting a Branch [3 Ways]

Updating Iqama in Al Rajhi Bank is simple and can be done without having to visit a branch. There are three ways to update Iqama in Al Rajhi Bank. Phone banking, Al Rajhi Bank Application, and through Al Rajhi Bank WhatsApp number.

1. Update Iqama In Al Rajhi Bank By Phone Call

In order to update your salary card or Iqama with Al Rajhi Bank, the process is a quick and easy way to do so by phone banking, and it’s free of charge. 

“Before you call, make sure your phone number is registered with your Iqama. Also, keep ready your Iqama and bank card”

  • Dial a number “8001190088” (Inside of Saudi Arabia) and Outside you need to add country code 00966 80011 90088 or +96680011 90088. And then follow the instruction to change the language as your needs. 
  • Talk with one of Al Rajhi bank’s customer care representatives and provide your information as required.
  • As soon as they update your Iqama with Al Rajhi Bank you will get an SMS on your registered phone number.
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2. Update Iqama In Al Rajhi Bank Application

This is one of the best ways to keep updating your salary card or remittance card with Al Rajhi Bank. To update Iqama through Al Rajhi Bank Application, you must have a personal account in Al Raji Bank. 

So, if you have a personal account in Al Raji Bank then follow the below steps:

  • Open Al Rajhi Bank Application
  • Scroll down and click “Profile & Settings”
  • Now Click “Update ID Expiry Date”
  • Here you can Update your ID/Iqama.

3. Send a Message Al Rajhi Bank WhatsApp Number

Al Rajhi Bank WhatsApp number is a new communication service between the bank and customers, who can now Al Rajhi Bank customer service through WhatsApp using the same number “920003344” as it is available 24/7 and eliminates the need to wait on hold. In addition, customers can save time by sending a text message instead of making a phone call.

The WhatsApp number will allow customers to communicate with the bank at any time and inquire about their products and services. The service is available to all Al Rajhi Bank customers.

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