How to Transfer amount STCPay to MobilyPay Without fees

STCPay and MobilyPay both are the most trusted and popular money transfer apps in Saudi Arabia. Millions of users transfer their remittance through those applications. Nowadays, STCPay charges for local and international transfers as well.

In this post you will learn the transfer amount from STCPay to MobilyPay without fees.

Transfer Money STCPay to MobilyPay Without fees.

Transferring money from STCPay to MobilyPay is easy. If you don’t have an account on STCPay, register using any mobile SIM operators in Saudi Arabia. Make sure the number is registered by your Iqama*. However, if you have an account, simply login and view the STCPay card details and copy the card number, expiration date and CVV. 

Now, register MobilyPay account or if you have an account simply login. and follow the below steps:

Step 1: Click the “+Add Money” button. 

Step 2: Select payment method “Debit or Credit Card” 

Step 3: Click “Add New Card”

Step 4: Enter card details, “Card Short Name” and select “visa” then click “Save Card”.

Step 5: Now pop up new windows to complete 3D Secure. Here, enter your STCPay card details such as Card number, expiry date, card holder name and CVV code and click “Register Now“.

Step 6: Select Card and Click “Continue”

Step 7: Enter amount you want to Transfer to MobilyPay then click to “Confirm”.

Step 8: To complete the transaction please enter OTP (Check SMS) and click the verify.

Check your MobilyPay balance. Now you know how to Transfer money STCPay to MobilyPay for free. Additionally, the MobilyPay international transfers exchange rate is higher and lower fees then others.

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I hope this process will help you to safely transfer your remittance. Thank you for visiting us.

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