How to freeze multiple columns in an excel?

If you want to keep your data organized and easily accessible, freezing multiple columns in Excel can be very helpful. Follow this article for step-by-step instructions on how!

How to freeze multiple columns in an excel formula?

Let’s say we have this table of sales. It has the total quantity and total sales. Look at the first row. The order number and order date are most important when looking at any table in the data set, so make sure that these headers are seen when you scroll down and there is a red marker next to them. Read More: How to Select Non-Adjacent Text in Word?

“Whenever you scroll to the right side, you want the first two columns in the freeze panes option always to be seen. If you use the second option, which is free, then the stop row will only freeze the first row and it will not freeze headers. You can unfreeze it by clicking P.”

So we will need to use a custom option. When we do that, the rows and columns before and after this yellow line will freeze for the sake of explanation. Right now,  my cursor is on cell C4, so when I use Freeze Panes, all rows and columns before and after this yellow line will freeze.

So, if I do this and have three rows on the left and two columns on the right, you will see that those rows are frozen. If I scroll down, you will see that those two columns are also frozen. Keep in mind where your cursor is- it’s not just above it but also to the left of it.

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