Top 10 Hospitals in Barisal, Bangladesh

Top 10 Hospitals in Barisal, Bangladesh

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The following list of hospitals in Barisal will give you a range of options. Whether you are looking for a pediatric hospital, an orthopedic surgery hospital, or an obstetrics and gynecology hospital, these 10 top hospitals in Barisal should have what you need. 


Barisal is a large province in Bangladesh that has many hospitals. With the help of this list, you can find a hospital near your location and contact them to get more information about their services. 

  1. Ambia Memorial Hospital


The Ambia Memorial Hospital in Barisal is the largest hospital in Bangladesh and one of the busiest hospitals in Asia. It was established on July 23, 1942, by Professor Dr. Sakhawat Hussain. The hospital offers medical services from pediatrics to geriatrics, with a focus on maternity care and surgery. There are over 1000 beds available for patients, making it among the largest hospitals in Bangladesh that offer free service to those who need it most – families living below the poverty line (BPL). 


Ambia Memorial Hospital has been developed into a large complex consisting mainly of an outpatient department and ten wards with about 500 beds which are used mostly for out-patients due to lack of space inside the premises.


Name Address Phone

Ambia Memorial Hospital


West Bogra Road, Barisal – 8200, Bangladesh


+880 431 2176017, PABX-63668-9


  1. BAVS Maternity Hospital

“The goal of this blog post is to inform the reader about the maternity hospital in Barisal. This blog post will cover things such as location, services offered, and admission process.” 


“Bavs Maternity Hospital was established by Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhuiyan who wanted to provide a safe place for pregnant women in Bangladesh. The Bavs Maternity Hospital has been providing high-quality service since 1973.” “This hospital is a nonprofit organization that provides free medical care for those who cannot afford it. Services include prenatal checkups, family planning counseling sessions, antenatal classes, and midwifery services among many more.


Name Address Phone
BAVS Maternity Hospital  

Hospital Road, Barisal, Bangladesh


+880 431 63868


  1. Dr. Captain Najib Uddin Clinic

Dr. Captain Najib Uddin Clinic is a well-known clinic in Barisal, Bangladesh for providing quality healthcare services to the people of this city and its surroundings. Established in 2012, they are one of the best medical providers for patients who have been diagnosed with complicated diseases like cancer. The facility offers a free consultation where doctors can diagnose your condition without any charges applied by them. 


Dr. Captain Najib Uddin Clinic has also been serving as an educational institution for pre-medical students to learn about oncology and related subjects like anatomy, physiology, pathology, etc., which makes it very popular among medical aspirants as well as current professionals looking to enhance their knowledge base through regular workshops and seminars conducted at the center.


Name Address Phone
Dr. Captain Najib Uddin Clinic  

45, Sader Road, Barisal, Bangladesh




  1. Eden Nursing Home

The Eden Nursing Home Barisal is one of the most prestigious and well-known nursing homes in Bangladesh. The home was founded on December 1, 1995, by Dr. M.A. Rashidul Islam who has been working with elders for over 50 years now! 

The Eden Nursing Home Barisal is located at Dhanmondi Road 19 and it offers services like a 24-hour doctor service, physiotherapy, rehabilitation therapy, speech therapy as well as occupational therapy to its residents.   They also offer hospice care which includes end-of-life care for patients who are terminally ill or have been diagnosed with a terminal illness such as cancer or Alzheimer’s disease.


Name Address Phone
Eden Nursing Home  

Bogra Road, Barisal, Bangladesh


+880-431-64879, +880-1711585760


  1. Fair Health Clinic

Fair Health Clinic is a clinic established in Barisal, Bangladesh and has been operating since 2006. The organization provides healthcare services to people living with HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria and other infectious diseases. It has two branches: one in Barisal and the other in Dhaka. These clinics provide free treatment for these conditions as well as medical care for those who can’t afford it. In addition to this they have a youth center called “The Youth Center” which aims at providing safety nets to children who are vulnerable or marginalized by society due to any reason whatsoever – be it poverty, disability or gender-based discrimination (sexual orientation). 


They offer various essential services such as education, vocational skills training, counseling sessions, family planning advice and more!


Name Address Phone
Fair Health Clinic  

Kalibari Road, Barisal, Bangladesh




  1. Islam Poly Clinic

The Islam Poly Clinic is a medical clinic that provides free treatment and medication to people of all ethnicities in Bangladesh. The clinic was started by one man, Shahidul Islam, who wanted to change the world for those less fortunate than himself. His goal was not only to provide healthcare services but also social work and psychological support services. This clinic has been an incredible help for many people who would otherwise go untreated or be forced into poverty because they could not afford their medical bills. 


The Islam Poly Clinic Barishal is a great example of how we can make the world better through kindness and compassion even if it means sacrificing our own wellbeing in order to do so.


Name Address Phone
Islam Poly Clinic  

Bangla Bazar, South Alekanda, Barisal, Bangladesh


+880-431-62099, +880-1716-043151


  1. Islami Bank Hospital


Bariisal is a small city in Bangladesh with a population of 1,178,000. It has become one of the most important economic hubs in the country. Barisal is situated on an old course of the Brahmaputra River and has long been a centre for trade and commerce. The city was once noted for its shipbuilding industry but this ended following World War II. As well as being an agricultural hub, Barisal is also home to many major educational institutions including Islamic University and Bank Asia Hospital which offers free medical care for all patients irrespective of their religion or nationality.


Name Address Phone
Islami Bank Hospital  

Chandmari, Barisal, Bangladesh


+880-431-71036 / 71810, +880-1718237662


  1. Khadem Hossain Clinic

Khadem Hossain Clinic is a well-known hospital in Barisal city, Bangladesh. It was established by Khadem Hossain and his wife in 1984. The establishment of the clinic was to fill in the gap for affordable medical care for people who cannot afford private hospitals. The hospital has been operating with this goal since its foundation and it continues today as one of the top clinics in Barisal City. 


The Khadem Hossain Clinic is now running an ambulance service which provides free transportation from any location to the facility or any other nearby healthcare center where patients can be treated or admitted if necessary. This service has helped many people get access to emergency medical care that they would not have otherwise received because they could not afford it.


Name Address Phone
Khadem Hossain Clinic  

Bangla Bazar, Barisal, Bangladesh




  1. Marie Stopes Clinic

Marie Stopes Clinic Barisal is a clinic in Bangladesh that provides family planning services. The goal of Marie Stopes Clinics is to provide contraception and education on the use and benefits of birth control methods, as well as pregnancy termination services. 


Marie Stopes clinics are named after Dr. Marie Caufield who was an English physician responsible for establishing the first birth control clinic in London which opened in 1921. This organization has since grown into one of the leading international providers of sexual and reproductive healthcare with clinics operating throughout Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe today.   The history behind this clinic dates back to when there was a lack of information about contraceptives during colonialism (1942). What led them to start up these clinics?


Name Address Phone
Marie Stopes Clinic  

Baitul Aman, Club Road , Barisal, Bangladesh


+880 431 2173228, Mobile : 0172-626948


  1. Maternity Hospital

The Maternity Hospital in Barisal is a hospital that provides special care for pregnant mothers. The nurses and doctors at the maternity ward are always available to provide advice, answers, and information on everything related to pregnancy. 


The new mother can stay with her baby in one of the many rooms available at the hospital. If she needs any additional help or assistance, there are also 18 other wards in the hospital specifically designed for children’s health care. 


Those who need medical attention can call their doctor by phone 24 hours a day or visit them anytime they want during working hours. Doctors here also offer general consultations where patients get free treatment as well as prescriptions when needed!


Name Address Phone
Maternity Hospital  

B M School Road, Barisal, Bangladesh


+880 431 64590


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