Top 5 Dental clinics & hospitals in Bangladesh 2022

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Dental treatment is a medical specialty that focuses on the study, diagnosis, prevention and correction of problems related to teeth and their surrounding tissues. Dental treatments are provided by dentists, who typically have completed four years of undergraduate university training followed by four years of dental school to qualify as a dentist.

This blog post provides a top 5 list of best dental clinics & hospitals in Bangladesh for people looking for quality dental care. This article includes basic information about clinic location, contact details and price range. Hope this will be helpful!

Bright Smile Dental Care

A bright smile is the first impression you’ll make on someone. It can be a good or bad one, and it’s important that it’s not something they look away from. But, maintaining your teeth isn’t always easy as many people don’t have access to dental care—especially in developing countries like Bangladesh. That’s why Bright Smile Dental Care was created by Dr. Shahidul Islam, who has been practicing dentistry since 2002 and opened his own practice in Dhaka in 2007. We’re dedicated to providing quality dental care for everyone at an affordable price through our mobile clinics equipped with all of the latest technology (including digital X-rays) so that we can reach more patients while also being environmentally friendly!

Sylhet Dental Care & Implant Center

Sylhet Dental Care & Implant Center is a dental clinic in Sylhet, Bangladesh. The center provides all the services related to dentistry and oral health including implants, braces, tooth extraction, teeth whitening, root canal treatment etc. It has been serving people for over 10 years with its professionalism and expertise.

Sylhet Dental Care & Implant Center is a dental clinic in Sylhet that offers various treatments like implant surgery, cosmetic dentistry, and many more. We are specialized in providing all kinds of dental care for our patients such as crowns on teeth or bridges between two teeth which will help you to get back your lost smile again!

Tooth Fairy Dental Aesthetics and Smile Design Center

The Tooth Fairy Dental Aesthetics and Smile Design Center is a dental clinic in Bangladesh that provides all aspects of dentistry, from general checkups to tooth extractions. They have provided patients with excellent service for many years because they are committed to providing quality care at an affordable price. The Tooth Fairy Dental Aesthetics and Smile Design Center is known for their expertise in cosmetic dentistry services like teeth whitening, veneers, bonding, and crowns. As well as general dental treatments such as fillings, root canal therapy, and wisdom tooth removal. The center also offers emergency treatment services 24 hours a day 7 days per week!


COSMODENT DENTAL CARE is a dental care company that provides services to the people of Dhaka, Bangladesh. The company was founded in 2008 by three individuals who wanted to provide high-quality dental treatments for all ranges of income earners while also maintaining affordability. Since its establishment, COSMODENT has expanded and now includes over 20 branches across Dhaka with plans to open up more as time goes on.

COSMODENT’s mission statement is “to improve oral health through education and preventative care.” They want this goal accomplished by providing affordable dentistry at every level of society while also providing information about proper oral hygiene practices in order to avoid tooth decay and costly treatments later down the line.

Dr. Rizwan’s ICONIC DENTAL Laser and Implant Center

Dr. Rizwan’s ICONIC DENTAL Laser and Implant Center Bangladesh is the leading dental care company in Bangladesh. They are well known for their quality of service, reasonable pricing, and cutting-edge technology. Dr. Rizwan has been working as a dentist for over 20 years now and he has helped many patients to regain their smiles with his diverse range of services. He believes that it is important to see the patient’s needs first before deciding on what treatment they require which is why he offers a wide variety of treatments from cosmetic dentistry to implant surgery. If you’re interested in knowing more about the different types of treatments offered by Dr. Rizwan’s ICONIC DENTAL Laser and Implant Center Bangladesh.


Dental treatment is a process that should be started at an early age. Dental care in the United States is more expensive than it has ever been, and as Americans, we are faced with some of the worst dental health statistics worldwide. The American Dental Association recommends brushing twice a day for two minutes each time to keep your teeth healthy and strong. However, this may not be enough if you have any dental problems or concerns about your oral hygiene routine. In order to find out what treatments would work best for you, please contact Dr. Ali’s office in Bangladesh today! To learn more about our services click here: https://www.dentalexcellencebdgsmdentistinbangladesh/blog/new

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