How to Check Zain Balance In Saudi Arabia?

How to Check Zain Balance In Saudi Arabia

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There are 5 different ways you can check Zain balance. SIM card and data balance by dialing a short code, calling zain helpline, sending an SMS, and through zain application. Check below 5 different methods: 

Method# 1: Sending a Code

The quick and easiest way to check zain prepaid main balance is by dialing a code *142#  After dialing this shortcode immediately you can see the balance pop-up on your mobile screen.

In the same way, you can see the zain data balance by dialing a code *405# This code will show you the remaining data balance.

Method# 2: Sending an SMS

This is a second method to check your zain internet or data balance by sending an SMS.

  • Type in the message section β€œBC” and send to 959 or 700212.

Method# 3: Through Apps

This is a third method to check zain’s internet balance through the zain app. First, download the Zain App from PlayStore or iTunes. You can check your zain postpaid balance through the zain app.

Method# 4: Calling zain helpline number.

This is a bit of a difficult way to know the zain balance by calling the zain helpline number. The zain customer service will tell you the remaining balance in English or Arabic language. To calling zain helpline to follow as below:

  • Call 959
  • Select language Arabic, English or Other.
  • Now type β€œ1” to know your balance.
  • Listen remaining balance

Method# 5: Through Zain Website

Visiting the zain website you can check your balance. First, you need to create an account on the Zain Website to check your data or SIM card balance. However, if you feel it is more difficult, follow the above methods.

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TIPS: How to Find your Zain Number?

In case you’re new to Saudi Arabia and bought a New Zain SIM. Therefore, you couldn’t remember your number, you can find your zain number by dialing a code *144#.

  • Dial *144# You can see your zain number.

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