Top 5 Asset management companies In the Middle East 2024

Asset management companies in the Middle East

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An asset management company is a company that specializes in investing and managing assets on behalf of individuals, families, and institutions.

The Middle East is home to some of the world’s largest and most influential asset management companies. These companies manage trillions of dollars in assets and have a significant impact on the regional and global economy.

Asset management companies in the Middle East have a long history and a strong track record of delivering superior returns to their clients. They are well-positioned to continue to grow and thrive in the region.

List 5 of Asset Management Company

1. Kingdom Holding Company, Saudi Arabia

Kingdom Holding Company (KHC) is a Saudi conglomerate holding company, that has announced an investment of 1,063,291,098 Saudi riyals in the Phoenix Group, one of the largest insurance, savings, and retirement companies in the United Kingdom.

The KHC, which is based in Riyadh and is a publicly listed company on the Tadawul (Saudi stock exchange), describes itself as a diversified investment company. Its main interests are financial services, real estate, tourism and hospitality, media, entertainment, petrochemicals, aviation, and technology.

The Phoenix Group is headquartered in London and has over six million customers in the UK. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a member of the FTSE 100.

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(KHC) Board Members and Executives

  • Chairman: HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal
  • Chief Executive Officer: Eng. Talal Ibrahim Almaiman
  • Deputy Chairman Independent Board Member: Dr. Khaled Abdullah Al Souhem
  • Independent Board Member: Eng.Taher Mohammed Omar Agueel
  • Independent Board Member: Hisham Suleiman Al Habib
  • Chairman and CEO of KHI: Sarmad Nabil Zok
  • Executive Director for Finance and Administration: Adel Abdulaziz Alabdulsalam
  • Executive Director for International Investments:  Tamim Bassam Jabr
  • Executive Director for Domestic Projects: Nada S. Alateegi
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2. NBK Capital, Kuwait

NBK is another asset management company in Kuwait. The company has a wide variety of assets that it manages. The company has a strong focus on private equity and mezzanine funds. The company also provides a full brokerage service.

The company was established in 2005 and is a fully owned subsidiary of the National Bank of Kuwait. The company has over 170 employees. The company operates in Kuwait, Dubai, Egypt, and Turkey.

NBK Capital is a financial services firm with a strong focus on private equity and mezzanine funds. The company also provides a full brokerage service. The company was established in 2005 and is a fully owned subsidiary of the National Bank of Kuwait. The company has over 170 employees. The company operates in Kuwait, Dubai, Egypt, and Turkey.

National Bank of Kuwait (“NBK”, the “Bank” or the “Group”) announced its financial results for the three-month period ended 31 March 2022. The Bank reported a net profit of KD 116.6 million (USD 383.6 million), compared to KD 84.3 million (USD 277.4 million) for 1Q 2021, improving by 38.3% year-on-year. 

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Total assets as of end of March 2022 grew by 8.7% year-on-year to reach KD 33.7 billion (USD 110.9 billion), whereas total loans and advances increased by 12.3% year-on-year to KD 20.1 billion (USD 66.0 billion), and total shareholders’ equity reached KD 3.4 billion (USD 11.2 billion), growing by 3.5% year-on-year.

Commenting on the Bank’s quarterly financial results, Mr. Isam Jasem A. Al-Sager, Vice-Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer, said: “During the first quarter of 2022, we recorded strong interim profits and continued to build on the operational momentum that we achieved over the past year; delivering another quarter of strong earnings amid continued growth across all of our business lines.”

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He added that the operating environment in Kuwait continued to witness signs of recovery during the first quarter of 2022; thanks to the improvement in the pace of consumer spending and the steady increase in oil production that coincided with the noticeable rise in its prices. The hike in oil prices strengthened the fiscal position of the Government which reflected positively on business sentiment and activity. We are expecting an acceleration in the pace of project activities during the year, given the Government’s commitment to implementing its strategic objectives and increasing the spending on infrastructure development.

3. Investcorp, Bahrain

Founded in Bahrain in 1982, Investcorp is a global provider of alternative investment products. The company has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, India, China, and Singapore. 

Investcorp’s main activities involve private equity, real estate and credit management. The company has $37.6 billion in assets under management, as of 2019. 

Investcorp typically places the private equity of companies and real estate properties it acquires directly with investors on a deal-by-deal basis and through a fund structure. In addition, the firm operates the Gulf Opportunity Fund investing in the MENA region, and a number of technology funds.

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  • Executive Chairman: Mohammed Alardhi
  • Co-Chief Executive Officers: Rishi Kapoor

5. EFG Hermes, Egypt

Egyptian Financial Group Hermes Holding Company (EFG) Hermes Holding has completed its transformation into an Egyptian universal bank, the Firm announced to shareholders today. The move comes as the company has finalized its acquisition of a 51% stake in the Arab Investment Bank (aiBANK), marking a strategic entry into the Egyptian commercial banking sector. 

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The transaction will see EFG Hermes Holding assume control of aiBANK, with TSFE Financial Services & Fintech Subfund, a subfund fully owned by the Sovereign Fund of Egypt, EFG Hermes Holding’s valued partner, acquiring a 25% stake.

The new bank will be a market leader in frontier emerging markets (FEM) investment banking, a fast-growing and solid sector in Egypt. EFG Hermes Holding is confident that the move will position it as a leading player in the Egyptian banking market and allow it to better serve its clients.

EFG Hermes is a leading Egyptian financial services company that specializes in securities brokerage, asset management, investment banking, private equity and research. 

The company also offers finance lease, factoring, microfinance, financial technology, mortgage, and insurance services. EFG Hermes is listed on the Egyptian Exchange (EGX) and London (LSE) stock exchanges. 

The company has offices in Egypt, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Pakistan, Oman, Kuwait, Jordan, Kenya, Nigeria, the UK, the United States, and Bangladesh. They serve clients from the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and the United States.

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