Saudi Arabia’s Absher platform sees 11.6 million e-transactions in 6 months

Saudi Arabia's Absher platform sees 11.6 million e-transactions in 6 months

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The electronic platform known as Absher has facilitated more than 25 million digital IDs in the first half of 2022. This has allowed access to 350 electronic services provided through the platform. The Ministry of Interior has contributed to raising the level of electronic services provided to citizens, residents and visitors.

Since its launch in 2015, the Saudi Arabian government’s e-portal Absher has become an essential tool for citizens and residents. The portal provides a range of services, from renewing passports and ID cards to paying fines and registering businesses.

During the first six months of 2019, Absher carried out more than 11,600,000 electronic transactions, with a rate of more than 64,000 daily transactions. It provided integrated electronic services for 64,000 beneficiaries on a daily basis for which they did not need to personally visit the headquarters of the Ministry of Interior and its branches.

The portal has been praised for its efficiency and convenience, making life easier for residents of Saudi Arabia. It is also a great example of the government’s commitment to modernizing the country and making it more user-friendly.

The Saudi Passport Directorate has announced that it has renewed a total of 330,230 passports through its online platform during the past three months.

The Directorate also revealed that it had handled 3,693,930 mail delivery requests, 176,509 transactions in Bayanati service, 377,004 driving authorization requests, 452,968 driving license renewals, 343,566 vehicle repair paper requests, 612,454 vehicle registration and renewals, in addition to the renewal of 2,362,199 residency permit (iqama), issuance of 1,937,737 exit-re-entry visas, issuance of 726,591 residency visas, handling 336,061 job transfer services, and extension of 287,939 exit-re-entry visas.

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The Ministry of the Interior in Saudi Arabia has been working hard to launch many new services for citizens and residents. One of the most popular services is the electronic renewal of the national identity. This service allows people to easily renew their national ID without having to go through the hassle of going to a government office.

In addition to this, the Ministry of the Interior has also launched the service of a number plate with a logo. This is a great service for those who want to add a personal touch to their car.

The Absher app is a revolutionary way for people to access government services in Saudi Arabia. The app is divided into three sections- Absher Individuals, Absher Business, and Absher Government. Each section provides different e-services that are convenient and easy to use. The Absher app is the leading platform for providing e-services in Saudi Arabia and is a must-have for anyone living in or visiting the country.

Finally, The Absher is a website and application that was launched by the Saudi government in 2015. The website and app offer government services and information to citizens and residents of Saudi Arabia. The services include but are not limited to, e-services such as passport and visa services, ID card services, vehicle registration, and birth and death certificate services. The app also allows users to track their vehicles, pay fines, and renew their driver’s licenses. The website and app are available in Arabic and English.


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